Rank D (EN 1)
Formal test for registering for a new clan or to join one. Situations can change dramatically in the field of combat. Knowing when to flee or when to strike can be decisive to living another day.
- Clan Overseers
Reward: Non-magical Simple or Martial Weapon

Npc or Lead:
Clan Overseer Rep.

1d4+1 Kobold and 1 Rat Swarm w/o Disease

Kobold Stats
Rat Swarm
At the start you only see the Swarm. When the Swarm's HP drops to 1/2 then 2 Kobolds join from behind. Next death, either swarm or kobold, spawns the rest of the kobolds in the emptiest area of the map.

treasure and EXP
Non-magical Simple or Martial Weapon of choice.

60 feet x 60 feet, flat concrete surface.

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