Aetos Teldas

Class: Musket Master - Gunslinger
Race: Poutanthrope
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Deity: Irori
Homeland: Molthune


As a young child, Aetos grew up with the glory of the hunt. The hunt taught him rewards of success and the bitter taste of defeat. During one hunt however he was chasing down a deer through the forest when he got ambushed by a dire bear. At the time he only had a shortsword and a short bow and 15 arrows. He engaged the bear, but it seemed no matter how many arrows he fired nothing pierced the bear's armor. That was when he heard the first the bang of black powder. The bear went down, and Aetos looked around to see a human with a large smoking staff pointed at the bear.

The next three years of his life he researched and perfected his own rifle technique. The country of Molthune was more than happy to fund his research. But Aetos's and Molthune's intentions with his firearms research became very different. He left with his most recent firearm creation and burned the documents on it. He set off to the region of Katapesh where he believed he could continue to hunt.

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