Full Name: Alise Tyuru

Class and Level: Ranger 7/ Fighter 1

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Good

Deity: None it seems.

Size: MED

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5 '10

Weight: 154 lb

General Appearance: OOC: Can I just draw it? :D

Personal Goal/Motive: Never mentions one, tags along because she feels the group needs her aid in combat.
She's also helping Elodecha learn how to be a good lil person…demon…thing.
By the power of the Holy Spray Bottle!
Her wings

Back Story: Coming from the land of Herti, she grew up in a caravan with her mother. She learned many of her current skills from member of the caravan. From a young age she hated the foul and unlawful ways of her upbringings. She channeled her anger into defending her mother, a sickly and weak woman who never worked an honest day in her life. She was given a sword, and received little instruction in what, or how to do much of anything. Through her sheer determination she mastered the sword. In times she was also given a hammer, she assumes it, like the sword, where stolen. And as with her first weapon, she mastered it through undying determination. Despite the means by which she came to own her weapons, they remain her most prized positions, and will not return them, seeming to deviate from other wise strict dedication to the law. Alise finally snapped from her "families" ways, and ran away about 2 years ago. She doesn't talk much about her past since then. Has been seen wandering around NeoAthens for about a year now, often taking on odd, though challenging quests.

The truth of the matter is Alise was once a messenger of the gods. A defender of those who fell with honor in battle. She was fashioned from clay and brought to life by the powers of the gods. She was trained from birth to fight, with a hammer, symbolic for her "father", Thor, and a sword, symbol of her people (the Valkyries). Her, for lack of better term, mother, NAMEBECAUSEIMSTOOPIDANDCANTREMEMBERATM, was the one who taught Alise everything. She was shy growing up, and had very few friends.
4 years, 8 months, and 12 days ago, Alise suddenly woke up on our plane of existence. She was never given a reason for this, nor dose she know how to get back. For about a week she ran around panicked, trying to convince anyone that she was in fact a Celestial being. She was assumed mad and thrown in jail for a few days, supposedly to "calm down". Every time any one would attempted to talk to her in prison, she reply in celestial, being the only language she knew. They assumed she was truly mad, and she was detained for about 4 months longer, on the terms of various petty crimes, unwilling to try to seek actually help her. Eventually, she was sent out to the Herti country side, to a mental facility, kept under lock and key. After not too long, they realized Alise wasn't crazy, she was telling the truth. Despite the employees orders to treat her like any other "law breaker", they tried their best to help her. For 2 years she lived there, learning the language, formulated a false past to prevent further problems, and just in general work to help her "blend" with normal society. She also found out about her unjust imprisonment, both in the jail, and also at the factuality. This is when she swore to uphold the justice and fairness, more than ever before in the world. She "escaped" ( with the generous help of the workers there), and basically went 'BatMan' for a year. Sadly, she was a bit too obvious and she fled to NeoAthens land and has been trying her very best to help people in less "loud" way.
[And that's the short version….. lul….]

Combat style: Hammer of Thor + Long Sword of Pain + You = Your death. Any questions?
Alise runs into battle, an attacks the enemy with her might hammer and her long sword. The hammer shocks, and the sword makes the enemy feel weaker.(Con damage). If both the sword and hammer connect, she attempts to trip the opponent. In short, she's relentless in battle. Only death it's self will stop her.

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