Full Name: Aylssa Frecca

Class and Level: Druid of undetermined power

Race: Human

Alignment: neutral neutral

Deity: obadhai

Size: medium

Age: 30

Gender: female

Height: 5 7

Weight: 120

General Appearance: a grinning druid always snuggling some new dangerous monster. her best friend is a giant monstrous spider.

Personal Goal/Motive: she loves animals she wants everyone to feel the love and joy. maybe she should just give a kitten to everyone….

Back Story: shes just your average druid living on the outskirts of town. she has always been an animal lover and loves pairing up pets with people. she even created the Pet Lovers Club so people could share her joy.

Combat style: she is a passive soul and does not fight. if she really needs protecting her animal friends will save her.

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