Araettiche and Ru

Full Name: Araettiche Lleshae

Class and Level: Lvl 8 (Sorcerer 5 /Mind Bender 2/ Fate Spinner 1)

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Deity: Uri-Laix

Size: Medium

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5 11

Weight: 130 (skeletal)

General Appearance: Araettiche is a gaunt man who looks like if you touched him he would fall over. He is wearing more bandages then clothes and hides his skeletal figure in a large roomy robe that he has problems keeping on his shoulders. He has nothing else on him, he makes his companion Ru carry it all.

Personal Goal/Motive: Create a guild/cult that is about being evil the right way.

Back Story:Araettiche grew up in a fairly well off town. He was always sick as a child and spent his time indoors practicing arcane magic when he discovered he was a sorcerer. He realized he had a talent for necromancy early on and aspired to become a member of the necromancy guild. once he finally was able to join the guild he realized that everyone in the guild was obsessed with the undead. he soon became disgusted with how his elders looked ignored the other crueler aspects of necromancy. When he could bear it no longer he finally snapped and plotted to destroy the whole guild. In his rage and passion for the necromantic arts he took things too far and ended up killing his entire hometown in the battle that followed between him and the guild. After the battle was over leaving only a half dead araettiche, he knew he was destined to create an ever more powerful guild that showed the true power of evil magic.
Still extremely ill and now alone he set off to travel to a near by city where he hoped to use his force of personality and theories on what evil magic should be to gain a following. He barely made it to the coast where he met Ru. Ru was enthralled on how araettiche was perpetually sick and so he could study him decided to follow him along. Together him and Ru are out to create a new guild that favors all things evil that are not undead.

Combat style: he does not fight, he controls you from afar with mind affecting and necromancy spells.

Full Name: Ru

Class and Level: Lvl 6 (cleric 5/ combat medic 1)

Race: Half orc

Alignment: Lawful evil

Deity: Uri-Laix

Size: Med

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 6 3

Weight: 180

General Appearance: Ru is an odd looking half orc wearing clerical garments. He is strong and carries an ornate ax.

Personal Goal/Motive: Ru is on a mission to learn as much about the odd complexities between life and death as possible. he finds diseases fascinating for there ability to kill people in fun ways. He follows araettiche around because he finds him a wonderful thing to study. oh… and hes now his friend.

Back Story: He is one of the rare clerics that originate from herti. Because of this he was raised with elite physical training. His unique obsession with diseases eventually made him move to the main land. He was studying magical effects that had corrupted into diseases after the hume wars and found araettiche.

Combat style: Ru only fights when it is absolutely necessary. other then that he loves reversing the effects of death and killing for fun.

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