Full Name: Blanch

Class and Level: Cleric(Spontaneous Domain Casting) 5/ Combat Medic 1

Race: Viera

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Exodus, Viera God

Size: Medium

Age: 125 years old

Gender: Female

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 140 lb.

General Appearance: Ash brown fur. Black eyes. Long slender ears above her head. Long white hair tied into a long tail stopping in the middle of her back. Has relaxed facial features. Always wearing a small smile. Her clothing is simple and suitable for her combat style. Sleeveless top and a scarf with pants tucked into her knee high combat boots.

Personal Goal/Motive: Traveling in search of work. Experiencing the world outside the Viera lands is also enjoyable. Eager to go along with the ride.

Back Story: She is a free floating spirit. She does not like feeling tied down against her will to her lands, so she left. She has traveled with many different groups of adventurers in search of work. Most clans invite her because of her usefulness, she respectfully declines the offers saying, "I want to see more of this world."

Combat style: She uses her speed to quickly reach her allies, and escape from enemies. Her archery skills are accurate, but not powerful. She is also able to heal groups of allies without running headlong into combat.

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