Church Of Plotta


Deity Information

  • Deity Name: Plotta
  • Aliases: The Story Weaver, The Dungeon Master's Conscience, The Incarnate Fantasy, The Great Laggy Will, and many, many others.
  • Rank: 10
  • Symbol: An Empty Scroll or Similar Writing Surface
  • Home plane: The Astral Plane
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Activity, Individuality, Adventure, Zeal, Commission
  • Domains: Wisdom, Luck, Fate, Oracle, Time
  • Favored Weapon: Dagger
  • Dogma: Plotta is the second deity to have ever come into existence, setting into motion all events that ever were or will be. The Great Story is the collective events and processes from all time and places as sewn and monitored by Plotta. Her will manifests in all happenings.

The Church

  • Cities, Base City: No base city
  • Entry Requirements: All are welcome who exist to exist and more.
  • Benefits: No benefits (except maybe new friends).
  • Combat: When it is time to fight, fight.
  • Advancement: Live together and alone, or alone. In knowledge and ignorance, or ignorance.
  • Missions: Go on, mark yourself into this continuing world!
  • Responsibilities: Continue, with the world, against it, within, without, in success or failure.
  • Structure: No universal structure.
  • NPC Reaction: "What do you mean, 'there's a plot?' This isn't Dungeons and Dragons or anything."
  • Encounters: Any sapient thing can believe in Plotta, so anything can apply.

Lore: DC 19: The Church of Plotta is not so much a church, but a loose group of specifically enlightened sapient beings. Any given "member" of the Church of Plotta may share their belief in the Great Story as their only common ground. The beginnings of belief in Plotta began with the first beliefs of any civilization in the existence of higher powers that control their lives.
DC 25: Anything Else.

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