Church Of Sakane

Deity Information

  • Diety Name: Sakane Sakuraba
  • Aliases: War Dancer, Whip Siren, Moonlight's Lover.
  • Rank: ???
  • Symbol: Whip, Sakura Flower, and Arrow
  • Home plane: Native
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dance, Passion, Valor
  • Domains: Charm, Celerity, War (instead of Weapon Focus, take Sling Arrow Feat found here.).
  • Favored Weapon: Whip and arrows
  • Dogma: Like a passionate dance one must be able to devote themselves fully to obtain the best outcome. Valor on and off the battlefield is important to stand against the attacks of others. Also be opportunistic. If there is a chance take it because it will most likely never come again.

The Church

  • Cities, Base City: None, followers of this deity are wanderers
  • Entry Requirements: A passion for an activity and DC: 30 Knowledge (local) or Bardic Knowledge check
  • Benefits: Knowledge (Local) in major cities and small towns. Discounted Cha and Dex items (5% discount). Recognistion for completeing mercanary work (+5% tip).
  • Combat: Mercancy Work
  • Advancement: Make a DC: 30 Knowledge (local) or Bardic Knowledge check.
  • Missions: Mercancy Work
  • Responsibilities: So long as you have a strong passion for an actvity your a member.
  • Structure: None.
  • NPC Reaction: A wandering minstrel/mercancy looking for work and living a free and relaxed lifestyle.
    • Encounters: A Wandering Member in a town looking for work.
  • Lore: DC 20: members that worship this deity are often hard to find, you may encounter them in mercenary work or in town performing, usually carrying a whip or a full quiver with a flower pattern
  • Other Game Elements: Sling Arrow and Arrow Vulcan Feats. found here.
  • Notable people:
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