Church Of Uri Laix

Summery: The church of uri-laix is a church that specializes in conspiracies. they have a goal to throw a blanket over everyone's eyes.

Deity Information

  • Diety Name: Uri-Laix
  • Aliases: Frost king of deception.
  • Rank: Minor Diety
  • Symbol: His symbols are the Dire moose and the Dire bison. along with their horns.
  • Home plane: The Depths of Carceri
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Conspiracy, trickery, cold, winter, manipulation, money
  • Domains: Charm, Healing, War, Trickery.
  • Favored Weapon: Sugliin
  • Dogma: Uri-Laixs loves conspiracies and plots. one of this big things is helping those who have good plans get financially stable because that helps with plots. he is big on the group leading towards a a goal no matter what the goal is. he loves the idea of conspiracies and would prefer people refer to him as a conspiracy himself.

The Church

  • Cities, Base City: Its based in Uri-Laix
  • Entry Requirements: You do not have to be a member of the church to worship uri-laix. but if you truly worship him you will join the church and help the churches sneaky agenda. making the church help you with your sneaky agenda is possible as well.
  • Benefits: The benefits for joining the church is the sense of accomplishment that you are making things happen. no matter how weird they are.
  • Combat: The church of uri-laix believes in fighting for what you believe in. this can be done with brute force of with manipulation.
  • Advancement: ranking in side the church for its clerics is based on what you have done. those who have really helped move the mission forward are treated as higher ups because they are in uri laixes favor.
  • Missions: there are multiple missions taking place right now. The largest is the placement of uri-laix on the economic map. Recently there is a large evil magic guild on the rise but its connection with the uri-laix church and the support its receiving is known only be a select few.
  • Responsibilities: As a member of the church you are responsible for helping with the missions as much as possible. this however does not require you to sacrifice your own financial well being. Uri-Laix has more use for you when you are well off.
  • Structure: The Dominant leaders in the Uri-Laix church are based in the town of Uri-Laix. there is a hierarchy system that is ever shifting with people proving and tricking each other into who is more in favor with uri-laix. There are not many churches outside of the north… in large cities and higher there are underground churches.
  • NPC Reaction: "Uri-Laix? sounds like a Joke to me…"
  • Encounters: If you travel to uri-laix you can meet the head of the church, he is a unique individual. If your epic you can go to te plane hesfrom and meet him yourself?

DC 15 the Uri-Laix church is in charge of some shady stuff
DC 30 find out what they are behind.

Other Game Elements: The city of Uri-Laix is the only place to get a lot of winter themed items.

Notable people:
Araettiche Guest Member

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