City Template

note: city name should be title of page
note2: helpful technical guidelines for creating your city are on page 137 of the DMG
note3: if the description is italicized that means its technical information that what is written holds weight to the DMs. it needs to be calculated by the dmg or preferably the city generator

Summery: (A brief summary of what the city is)

Country/Region: (where this city is geographically)

City Size: (Thorpe to metropolis)

Population: (number of people living here)

GP Limit: (The price limit for what can be bought in this town)

Ready Cash: (how much GP the place has)

Alignment: (The most common alignment of the population or government)

Racial Demographic: (Isolated mixed or integrated and then a racial break down)

Graphical Description: (what the surrounding area looks like terrain wise)

Architecture Description: (what the most of the buildings look like, is there a certain theme going on? How close together are the buildings. just describe what the place generally looks like… its mood its feel. )

Economy: (how do they make their living? do they export more than they import? service or goods? any natural resources?)

National Relations: (how do other nations regard them diplomatically? do they have any allies? whats their foreign policy?)

Political System: (how is the place governed. Give details as to how things are really run. also how leaders are chosen.)

Laws: (important laws that are unique to this city or are really stressed here.)

Religion: (how the city views religion and who are the main gods)

Notable Organizations: (Link any groups that are based in this city)

Military: (standing army or militias? draft, conscription, or voluntary service?)

Leader (who the leader is, why they are the leader. link to leaders page)

Highest Militant Authority: (who is the highest authority military wise)

Highest Level NPC of each Class: (use the DMG rules to calculate the highest level of each class and put it here)

Notable People: (Link important people from this city here)

(link maps of city here and DMs will smile)

Fun Facts
(interesting things about the city, national pastime, food, etc)

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