Things to know:


  • People in our group do have food allergies, so check before you bring that is a common food allergy.
  • There is a food court located on site if we are interested.
  • Everyone bring their own non-perishable food item to eat in the morning, sharing is caring.

Dinner: One night we will be going down to the Italian Restaurant in the Center for a nicer meal.

To Bring

  • Immune system boosters (vitamin C, zinc, etc) , hand sanitizer, and pocket tissue. Cons flus are notorious for spreading and this is a mid-semester event.
  • General Medication for stomach aches, headaches, allergies, etc.
  • Clothing, good rule of thumb is to have set of clothing per day of the con and an extra.
  • Power cords (cell phones, cameras etc.)
  • Power Strips, one per room min.
  • Hygiene Items (Never hurts to bring extra; Don't bring hairdryers. The hotel has them.)
  • Refillable Water Bottles, a must cons are typically warm and dehydration is very common
  • A small bag (purse, shoulder strap bag), helps to carry around anything you may need on the fly, I do warn you to not bright black.
  • Youmacon ID code: [If you need to code again.]

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