das- tay
Summery: Daste is a pristine city that because of its isolation has created a unique hygiene obsessed culture.

Country/Region: League of Silvers

City Size: Metropolis

Population: 27,521

GP Limit: 100,000

Ready Cash: 137,600,000

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Racial Demographic: Mixed
Humans: 21,741; Halflings: 2,476; Gnomes: 1,376; Elves: 825; Half Elves: 550; Moogles: 275; Others: 278

Graphical Description: The city is set on a wide circular island in the middle of a 3 mile wide river. The water is pure clear with whit boats dotting the waters. the coast on the other side is grassy with the tree placed artistically here and there.

Architecture Description: The city is made out of a matte white stone. The whole place was built arouond the flow of water so there are waterfalls and gutters everywhere. the water flows freely into the streets in some areas and then trickles into gutters. it has a waterpark feel to it. the water itself is clear but whne put in larger bodies adopts a baby blue tint. this is the magical cleaning properties.

Economy: (how do they make their living? do they export more than they import? service or goods? any natural resources?)

National Relations: (how do other nations regard them diplomatically? do they have any allies? whats their foreign policy?)

Political System: its a republic with a small council of 5 members making decisions for the city. To be a council member its required that you be a citizen and lawful neutral. Usually these people have a reputation for being wise and just. they are voted for 25 years with one election every 5 years.

one must be lawful to be a citizen or the harmony will become unbalanced
one must pay a fine if they do not practice personal hygiene and upkeep all there personal belongings
tainting the water supply is a crime worse then murder
to enter the city one must go through a cleansing station.
pets are not allowed in the city any visitors pet must be checked in upon entry (exception being small aquatic life)
Everything intended for distribution must meet the safety and health regulations that be read further in the hygienic handbook
You can punished by law for having the water hurt you, the sentence can be as light as 20 years in prison and as severe as Death. (exceptions apply for children)

Religion: the patron gods of this city are Wee Jas, Obadhai and St Cuthburt. But the city also has temples for Moradin, Heironeous, Yollanda, Bahamut, Kurtulmak, Tiamat and Hextor. There is forced religions tolerance as long as the Deity in question is lawful. There is one secret temple for worshipers of chaotic gods. They must all come together if they wish to worship some one that is not lawful.

Notable Organizations: None

Military: Guards: 275; Militia: 1,376

Leader A small council of 5 elders

Highest Military Authority: Sheriff: Fighter lvl-7

Highest Level NPC of each Class:
Barbarian: 1 level-14; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Bard: 1 level-13; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Cleric: 1 level-16; 2 level-8; 4 level-4; 8 level-2; 16 level-1;
Druid: 1 level-13; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Fighter: 1 level-14; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Monk: 1 level-16; 2 level-8; 4 level-4; 8 level-2; 16 level-1;
Paladin: 1 level-13; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Ranger: 1 level-13; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Rogue: 1 level-16; 2 level-8; 4 level-4; 8 level-2; 16 level-1;
Sorcerer: 1 level-14; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Wizard: 1 level-15; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Adept: 1 level-14; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 1,130 level-1;
Expert: 1 level-20; 2 level-10; 4 level-5; 8 level-2; 69 level-1;
Noble: 1 level-16; 2 level-8; 4 level-4; 8 level-2; 1,130 level-1;
Warrior: 1 level-19; 2 level-9; 4 level-4; 8 level-2; 122 level-1;
Commoner: 1 level-20; 2 level-10; 4 level-5; 8 level-2; 24,790 level-1;

Notable People: none

(link maps of city here and DMs will smile)

Fun Facts
There is currently an active campaign promoting the change of the cleaners name from "mothers rage" to "mentors guidance" . the people are torn because on one hand mothers rage has been the name of there beloved magical water for generations, on the other "mentors Guidance" Does not discriminate against those who have lost their mothers or may not have one, and guidance is a more friendly and inviting word then rage (this should help sales globally)

Bards and Barbarians are treated with suspicion because of their incapability to be lawful. They are still allowed but one better hope they are neutral if they want to live without to much struggle.

Daste specific items:
purifying potion-small vial for your personal hygiene duty
(heals 1d6 to lawful and deals 1d6 to non lawful)

cleansing bottle-bottle of cleaning solution that takes care of those tough stains.
( splash weapon deals 1d6 acid damage to all non lawful, everyone in 5 ft 1hp of acid damage)

mothers pendant- Puts a stop to those pesky germs before they have a chance
(neck slot: gives damage reduction 10 to chaotic typed damage)

cleaning rage bomb-for the most severe of cleaning jobs
(splash weapon direct hit does 1d6 acid damage and an additional 3d6 to non lawful everyone within 5 feet gets splash damage of 1hp of acid damage and 1d6 if not lawful.)

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