Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: Cayden Cailean


  • A man of four and twenty, born in Ridenport of Taldor in winter of 4687AR
  • The first born of Petyr Aristrad and Meredith Connel.
      • Petyr Aristrad, merchant and bard by trade - born in Almas of Andoran in the summer of 4661AR third born of Patrick Aristrad and Osha Gregor, died in Katapesh in summer of 4692AR
      • Meredith Connel - born in Ridenport of Taldor in the spring of 4665AR, first born of Brandon Connel and Emilia Warth, died in the summer of 4706AR


  • Winter of 4687AR - Davis Aristrad is born in Ridenport in Taldor in the home of his grandparents, Brandon Connel and Emilia Connel (Warth). Petyr Aristrad was not present.
  • Spring of 4690AR – Petyr Aristrad and Meredith Connel sail from Ridenport to the city of Katapesh on the Amora, captained by Caiden Amory of Taldor. They lived in Lower City district of Katapesh.
  • Summer of 4692AR – Petyr Aristrad is murdered by Ardek Mun.
  • Spring of 4697AR – Daviss, a boy of ten, begins begins work at the Kotargo Lodge run by the half-orc Phelgos Dulm, a potion merchant and venture-captain . It is from Dulm that Davis learned of a world outside of Katapesh, a world he was world of but had never seen.
  • Summer of 4698AR – While still working at the Kotargo Inn, a client of Dulm's from the Sword and Shield, Ser Alister Nardik of Isger, took an interest in a young Davis and began training him in the art of combat. Davis took a great interest in Nardik's favor weapon: the glaive.
  • Winter of 4704AR – Davis, at age seventeen, left with Nardik as a sellsword to sail to Druma Davis accepted.
  • Spring of 4704AR – Davis arrived in Druma and began work as a sellsword with small jobs such as the eradication of bandits and as a bodygaurd. Word of his skill reached the right people and he was recruited into the Mercenary League of Druma. It was there Davis crosses paths with Aetos and Cadmus.
  • Summer of 4706AR – Davis returns to Katapesh on holiday to visit his mother. In a months time, Davis' mother dies of Enteric fever in his childhood home in Katapesh. He travelled to Taldor to have her remains buried in Ridenport. He returns to Druma soon after and would begin to return to Katapesh yearly.
  • Fall of 4706AR – Davis leaves the Mercenary League and Druma and becomes a freelancer again.
  • Spring of 4707AR – Davis assists King Eodred II of Korvosa to eradicate fey in Bloodsworn Vale.
  • Spring of 4710AR – Davis returns Katapesh. While there, he takes a job and is teamed with Maudit and “BellaPrime” on an excursion of an ancient ruin outside Kalemerane.
  • Summer of 4711AR – While returning home to Katapesh, he travels to Kalemerane. There he comes across a band of adventurers in the bazaar.


  • Race: Human
  • Class: Fighter
  • Height: 5'10”
  • Weight: 180lb.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Favored Weapon: Glaive
      • Davis is of athletic build with hardened, unkempt features. He bore a shaved head at the beginning of joining the party but now a few months of growth upon his scalp. He seldom trims his beard and when he does, he leaves stubble. He wears a long military coat of dark leather that he gained from his joining of the Mercenary League of Druma underneath his breastplate (if he wears one). His main armor can be consider half plate in appearance with greaves and partially armors boots and arms. His glaive can be detached and stowed to easy carrying. When traveling in unknown regions of the world where danger is expected, he uses his glaive similar to a walking stick if combat were to commence. He carries a long bow and quiver on his back. At his waist, be it in sheaths or pouches on his belt, he always carries rope, flint and steel, a flask, and a dagger.
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