type: aberrant humanoid
stat mods -2 str -2 dex +4 cha
skill mods -2 sense motive, no decipher script (can't read), +20 listen, +5 preform(vocal) always class skill, +2 bluff
(confidant and practiced liars) -10 move silently (must always have a predictable source of sound if they want to be able to see)
+1 natural armor
EX: sonic blast 1d6+cha, soul blind, blindsense
+1 LA

Destrals have weak semi-hollow bones particularly in their hands bearing unusually large joints covered in though leathery
skin. Destrals are natural manipulators from a oral history of psychology and musical knowledge. Despite this they have difficulty picking up the rapid and subtle gestures that give away a vocally skilled liar. They are illiterate by default for any language they learn. racial bonus languages are under common, gnomish, and illithid. Destrals speak a complex musical language extending above and below the range of human hearing sounding quite dissonant to most other races (poetry sounds like electronic jazz or techno, technical discussion can start to sound like a modem, a tribe conversation can sound like a rain forest of bird calls). Traditional clothes are typically light and practical, usually a loin cloth or similar for commoners though more middle class may prefer pants.

Sonic blast: Destrals and intuitively attack the nervous system and flesh of other creatures with sonic damage. Using a sonic blast takes a standard action. This attack has a range of the destrals "vision" AKA line of effect. however a destral that can't hear precisely where the target is can't attack (must be able to analyze your acoustics).This attack uses 1d20 + bab + CHA vs the targets touch AC (think ultrasonic kidney stone treatment). It deals 1d6 per 10 modifier points of preform(voice) rounded up + CHA damage. so a destral with a 6 modifier and a 14 cha deals 1d6 + 2 damage on her sonic blast. A destral with a 32 modifier and a 20 cha deals 3d6 + 6 damage. The force exerted in this attack is something like that of a primal scream, and as such is very taxing. a destral may use this ability one every 1d4 rounds if only attacking as a standard action or once every 2d4 rounds if full attacking. Racial feats allow this attack to target objects and ignore their hardness as well as being able to reduce the time required to recover from blasting. Just like with any ability that requires an attack roll this crits on a 20 and deals 2x damage.

Soulblind: no polymorph or alter self spell can add sight to a destrals form. A wish or miracle can permanently change a destral
to another fully functional creature but they loose all racial abilities and traits. Illusion spells involving images are
prohibited to them, and they are immune to and can not use any gaze attacks.

* Blindsight never allows a creature to distinguish color or visual contrast. A creature cannot read with blindsight.
* Blindsight does not subject a creature to gaze attacks (even though darkvision does).
* Blinding attacks do not penalize creatures using blindsight.
* Deafening attacks thwart blindsight if it relies on hearing.
* Blindsight works underwater but not in a vacuum.
* Blindsight negates displacement and blur effects.

Blind Sense: a destral has blindsense equal to 1/2 their listen modifier in squares (always taking 0) and can expand this with a free listen check or if they have the racial feat spectral sweep this range can be expanded by taking a move action to sweep the audio spectrum to add their preform(voice) to the range. Move silently is still opposed by listen as normal (though likely to be beaten automatically), hide, cover, displacement, invisibility, etc is negated by this ability but not blink or other moving effects.

Listen Check DC's
epic listen to see invisable

math behind this:
at ecl 2
just standing around (flat foot vision):
4 ranks + 1 wis + 20 racial - 20 pinpoint = 5 (5/2) * 5 = 10 feet

throwing a "spot" check:
1d20 (average 10.5) + 20 racial - 20 to pinpoint + 4 ranks from lvl 1 + 1 wis= 15. (15/2)*5= 35 foot vision.

damage for sonic blast:
ac of 16 vs 1d20 (10.5) + 4 ranks + 5 racial + 4 cha = 23 dealing 1d6+4 damage (average 7.5), likely getting 2d6 though (average 11)
*this seems fairly front loaded, input appreciated*

at ECL 6:
8 ranks + 1 wis +20 racial -20 pinpoint = 9
20 feet default range
45 foot average range, attack around objects 20 feet
flat foot ac of 20 vs 1d20 + 8 ranks + 5 racial + 4 cha + 3 skill focus = 30 dealing 2d6+4 (11) , likely to get 3d6+4 (14.5 )but note that this does not scale to multiple attacks a round.

Stunning blast:
Prereqs: preform(voice) 4 ranks, destral.
Normal: can't do subdual damage with sonic blast
Benefit: can deal subdual damage top foes with sonic blast taking no attack penalty

Spectral sweep:
Prereqs: preform (voice) 9 ranks, skill focus( preform(voice) ), destral. *may need more to balance it?*
Normal: vision range is calculated from listen modifier only, may roll listen to help.
Benefit: may take a move action to add their preform voice modifier to listen when calculating range. Note only 1d20 roll is used.

Admantine voice
Prereqs: preform (voice) 12 ranks, spectral sweep, destral
Normal: sonic blast deals full damage as normal to objects
Benefit: ignore up to 20 points of hardness when using sonic blast to attack an item. balance note: magic items have +2 hardness and +10 hp for each point of enchantment. see item hardness and hp

Racial names: Kismet, Wellenreiter, Akregator, Slashbin, Hashbang, Compiz, Rrootage

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