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Handy Links For DM's

Dm Tips:
The 5 room model - The basic structure of an adventure. Kind of like the parts of a story but more adventure focused. It helps lot's with planning an adventure. Plus the whole site has numerous other helpful tips. more tips on world, campaign, and adventure building
the DMG2 - lots of cool stuff for DM's and a handful of generators too

CO boards - sometime the only way to deal with a power gamer is to out game them. good place to find if somethings broken or not too. brilliant gameologists is a good place to check too, they have a lot of the old handbooks that were on the wizards boards.
THE SRD! - learn to love it. it's a fully search able index of all the core rulebooks (PHB, DMG, MM) with a very nice encounter calculator and monster filter (don't forget to set the climate as well as the cr)
D&D index - where to find everything else in D&D books, mysterious feat you forgot about? check here for what book it's in. Warning: loads slowly

Random generators:
Seventh Sanctum - The classic random name generator has expanded into a number of other amusing categories.
Chaotic Shiny - If it's a noun chaotic shiny probably has a generator for it. At least all the nouns the players care about like taverns, cities, treasure, potions, books, diseases, drinks and all other kinds of fun stuff.
Serendipity - More realistic name generators from around the world, nice to have a name to match your characters accent. The plot twist generator and fashion generator are pretty cool too.
The P.A.R.T aka The Player Attitude Re-adjustment Tool. When you need something that'll make any character shit bricks. Feral crocodiles with flesh-grinding teeth anyone? or perhaps telepathic bear wizards (they know what your thinking. and they don't like it.)
Abulafia - It's a wiki of random generators. What more do you want? Has some of the coolest book generators I've ever seen.
The Abyss - awesome dungeon and treasure generator. The adventure generator is actually based off of a generator by gygax himself and is great to get ideas for a more epic adventure.

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