Elm Ferror

Full Name: Elm Ferror

Class and Level: Level 8 (Fighter 6/ Scout 3/ Barbarian1/ Master Thrower 5/Occult Slayer 5)

Race: Moogle

Alignment: True Neutral

Deity: None

Size: Small

Age: 38

Gender: male

Height: 2'9"

Weight: 42 lb.

General Appearance: ash colored fur covers his entire body. He has large brown eyes, a bright red pom-pom, and red bat wings common for moogles. He's a good-natured sort of person, can take both the good and the bad well. His clothing consists of waist length shirt with alternating dark blue and white stripes, a white jacket of elvenkind, cargo pants tucked into his boots of elvenkind, and guanlets with small purple gems that are resting across the tops oft he knuckles.

Personal Goal/Motive: Adventure while slaying arcane casters that have done him wrong.

Back Story: He was born in Goug and was trained with the Goug town defense. Natural born fighter, he uses his size and speed to gain an edge in the battle field. He met Exii, who traveled to Goug in search of a pacifier for his Injustice. He saw this an opportunity to go and travel the world and join a clan like his parents did.

Combat style: His strength lies in his speed and stealth. He also specializes in disrupting and slaying arcane and divine casters alike. He uses his allies' height to hide if there is no good hiding place.

100 Questions: Answered all.

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