Summery: Enouvanous was an underground city that had been built by a mixture of Underfolk and Mongrelfolk. they lived in poverty until a band of Asimars discovered the mongrel folks ability to create racial weapons for cheaper. The Asimars settled on top of the city teaching the mongrel fold how to create a good economy. The city was eventually destroyed and turned into a volcano after a rebel uprising from the cities original inhabitants. There are rumors that a rouge band of misfits were the cause of this catastrophe.

Country/Region: Hume Balkins

City Size: Small City (Is now known as Enouvanous Volcano)

Population: was 5,532

GP Limit: 15,000

Ready Cash: 4,147,500 (economic boom increases to 8,298,000)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Racial Demographic: Isolated

Graphical Description: It was set in a weak Forrest that had less trees because bed rock started soon after shallow soil. only a few miles away from the edge of the Forrest that bordered the bad lands.

Architecture Description: the buildings were carved out of the underground rock. it was a confusing hive of tunnels. There were few colors because of the city being entirely in darkness.

Economy: The city made most of its money by exporting cheap racial weapons. most of the money was held by the Asimars and the crafters themselves. The rest of the city made ends meat by selling trinkets to nearby visitors.

National Relations: Few places knew about the new city but it had been growing popularity. It had good relations with a few important non human cities.

Political System: The city was literally owned by a oligarchy of Asimars. there was also a strong thieves guild that had political sway.

Laws: there was no light or fire allowed on the lower city.

Religion: Enouvanous was home to multiple gods unique to its city. the religions are all but wiped out after Enouvanous was destroyed.

Notable Organizations: none anymore ยป

Military: had a well trained military but there was a division and corruption in it.

Leader Daz was a flamboyant leader who probably should have spent more time connecting to the people.

Highest Militant Authority:Koakl was the highest ranking Asmimar. he died in the last battle for the city.

Highest Level NPC of each Class:
Barbarian: 1 level-8; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Bard: 1 level-9; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Cleric: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Druid: 1 level-11; 2 level-5; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Fighter: 1 level-13; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Monk: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Paladin: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Ranger: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Rogue: 1 level-14; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Sorcerer: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Wizard: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Adept: 1 level-9; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 223 level-1;
Expert: 1 level-9; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 13 level-1;
Noble: 1 level-9; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 223 level-1;
Warrior: 1 level-11; 2 level-5; 4 level-2; 24 level-1;
Commoner: 1 level-20; 2 level-10; 4 level-5; 8 level-2; 4,889 level-1;

Notable People:
Scyzan the informant.
Ketua the leader of the Theives guild
Lita: the stupid Asimar mage

(link maps of city here and DMs will smile)

Fun Facts
clothing style features elegant, draping golden-brown garments. Tops are typically short sleeved with conservative necklines. Bodices and culottes are also customary. Ties are popular accessories. Hemp and laces are staples of the style. Deep green, pale orange, and vibrant blue are also common colors. Children and adults wear very different clothing.

Hide strike
an aggressive style specializing in speed and agility and featuring weapons and teamwork.

Occasional bards sing the tale of the booze of Enouvanous, from from the hallucinogens to there 120 proof drinks.

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