Full Name: Exii Limondel

Class and Level: lvl 7(artificer 5/ alchemist savant 2)

Race: Grey Elf

Alignment: Neutral Evil (has undetectable alignment almost always on)

Deity: He thinks why need gods when you can create everything already

Size: medium

Age: 25

Gender: male

Height: 4 ft

Weight: 80

General Appearance: Exii is a rather shady looking character with practically translucent skin its so white. and grey eyes. he has what looks like probably dyed dark green hair. he is wearing a flue mask and has some bandages on his head along with a spiffy looking contraption he can slide down over his eyes and looks like a scanner. as for the rest of him he is wearing a giant lab coats full of pockets and 2 over the shoulder bags one on each side. he is covered head to toe an magical items so bad that if you can see there auras they would blind you. he some notable ones are some ornate looking gloves with the fingers cut off, a leather collar that he can be seen playing with especially around those that look like casters, a wide belt that looks like you could kill some one if you beat them hard enough with it and a extremely nice pair of combat books that has the same feel.

Personal Goal/Motive: His goal for the moment is simply to live and make some money. he is in the middle of a long project of raising two homunculus. this takes up most of his time hes not creating magical items.

Back Story: Exi was the 4th and youngest son of a highly respected master craftsman who specialized in created magical arms and armor and a equally respected high priestess of the elven god Corellon Larethian. as he started to grow up he has increasingly stressed relations with his family, realizing his mother was more of a trophy wife then anything and his father cared way to much about the honor and the prestige of elven society. Even his siblings were following the honored path of becoming elven archers and preists each sporting a weapon created by their father. The only thing he could respect was that his father created magical items at all and later growing up he even grew to dispise that his father did not create more then just magic items.
while he was growing up he learned crafting along side his father and it was discovered he had talent for it. When the time came for him to start attending an academy to become the next craftsman in the family and eventually take his fathers place he did not go. he instead went on his own and delved deeper into the creation of cursed and intelligent items. this led him to a love of crafting constructs. Because of his lack of formal training he does not know how to cast magic but instead merely knows how fake it so the magic item is created.
eventually after years of this going on he finally decided to attempt to create another life in the shape of a homunculus. things when horribly wrong resulting in a magical explosion that has resulted in him having a terrible constitution and the homunculus known as injustice. injustice being mentally unstable tries to attack and break anything it can get its hands on.
His family and the rest of Elvin community being horrified by injustice and Exii asked him if he could just leave… it would be better for everyone. Exii knew this was the best thing to do so he left (but not before deciding to take this personally and disowning his family). from there he traveled to the moogle lands hunting for something that would control the injustice. it was there he found out that certain magical items would restrain it and met Elm Ferror. He then traveled with Elm for a while and created his second homunculus Sphlexy.
nowdays he just travels around investing in businesses and created items to build a good amount of money so he can become a master merchant.

Combat style: His style is that he uses his infusions to buff himself and his party while injustice protects him from any attackers that might come his way. HE has ordered Sphlexy to help out his friend Elm.

Full Name: Injustice and splexy

Class and Level: Construct lvl 5

Race: Homunculus

Alignment: injustice-Chaotic Evil, Sphlexy-True neutral

Deity: Exii as well

Size: Tiny as of now.. but in a lvl they will be size small.

Age: injustice a few years older then sphlexy

Gender: male

Height: blobs the size of a cat right now

Weight: as much as a bowl of jello

General Appearance:
Injustice lvl 5- A brown gray creature with the body of a 7 year old child. he is not wearing anything is lacking alot of definition in his features. there are large peices of metal that look like they have been stabbed through his body but he does not seem to notice. Has white floppy hair and his eyes disappear into black shadows. there is a small tattoo of bat wings placed by his shoulder blades. (alternate form- a little girl)
Sphlexy lvl 5- a small tan chibi looking blobby humanoid. has started getting a poof of fluffy black hair and now wears a small wrap. his bee wings have gotten larger and he can now fly around. he always has a huge grin on his face and is playful. he has started to wear a gold and black wrap around his waist and golden arm bands and other jewelry.
Injustice lvl 4- a brown gray small chibi looking blobby humanoid.. has floppy white hair and his eyes disappear into black holes. He has a giant screw in his head. and a disturbingly passive smile on his face. he is on a leash held by Exii.
Sphlexy lvl 4- what looks like a large cup of jello turned over with large friendly eyes. he has large antenna and the beginnings of small bee like wings. there also seems to be a obscure design spreading across the side of his…jello cylinder.

Personal Goal/Motive: their goals are to be around Exii do, what he says and play.

Back Story: injustice was created in a magical disaster and has alot of emotional problems because of this. he wants to kill everything. Sphlexy was created to be helpful and that permeates his very being.

Combat style: injustice attacks with his poisonous bite and utilizes his small high and his ability to fly to get higher ground. another fun thing for him is his magical boot that makes it so he can break and topple things.
Sphlexy aids his buddy elm and when isnt helping him out throws potions created by Exii.

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