Exodus Warders

Summary: Top Class Viera forest Warders, specialize in slaying forest monsters and protecting the entry points into the Grove of Exodus.

Cities, Base City: Grove of Exodus

Entry Requirements: Viera. Will allow Rangers, Scouts, Fighters, and Druids of other races to join if they are willing to worship Exodus and can pass the test.

Benefits: Allowed to enter and leave Grove of Exodus as a Viera would. A bonus feat that you meet the requirements for and must be one of the following: Extra Wild Shape (Complere Divine, 81), Fast Wild Shape (Complete Divine, 81), Melee Weapon Mastery - Bludgeoning/Piercing/Slashing (PHB2, 81), Ranged Weapon Mastery - Bludgeoning/Piercing/Slashing (PHB2, 82)

Combat: Rangers and Scouts are usually patrol the forest daily in groups of 3, if anything they cannot handle appears then the scout acts as a forerunner and heads back to the Grove to warn the other Warders. Fighters and Druids are the home front defense, they are the ones that stand guarding the entry ways into the city.

Advancement: If you are Viera you are accepted by default if you can prove you can hold your own. If you are of another race, you must pass a timed test of slaying targeted monsters and reaching the finishing point before that time expires.

Missions: To Quell The Tide

Responsibilities: Be able to carry out routine scouting and always be ready for a monster attack on the grove. Adventuring is kept to a mininum if your with the Warders.

Structure: The Warder Captian is currently on a leave of absence, her replacement is her right-hand woman.

NPC Reaction: Very racist when recruiting, but after you prove your worth then they will treat you as one of their own.

Lore: DC 15 - The Warders are based in the Grove of Exodus the leader is currently gone and they are very strict and exclusive.

Encounters: Blanch

Other Game Elements: Centered in the Dominion of the Viera

Notable people: Blanch has done her service for the Warders

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