Fantasim Syndicate

Summary: The Syndicate is a family owned and run business, currently run by Mirajane. The Syndicate is best known for its dealings with selling monsters within the black market. Their side job is the Fantasim Circus which is known for its unique members. They operate quite well from both the Circus and Syndicate sales and spend the money to bribe people into not uncovering them. Of course if the person decides to go against their vow of silence to the Syndicate, they are invited to a special performance and used as live feed for their monsters.

Cities, Base City: No such thing, they move constantly. If they need to stop its usually for shows or emergencies.

Entry Requirements: Any special skills or tricks that are unique to the circus.

Benefits: Always free access to performances for friends.

Combat: Ring leader supports the members as they dish out pain.

Advancement: Family atmosphere for the most part. Everyone is equal in their respective talents.

Missions: Bring joy and happiness to people of all races. Earn a bit of money on the black market.

Responsibilities: Must travel with the group for at least a year before you can freely leave and come back as you choose.

Structure: Mirajane is the ring leader, and there are three other top performers.

NPC Reaction: "Hey look the circus is in town, let's go watch!"

DC 10: Fantasim Circus, they are a performing troupe.
DC 20: Fantasim Circus has a lot of monsters in their performances.
DC 25: Fantasim Circus is actually a crime Syndicate.
DC 30: Fantasim Syndicate is a crime syndicate that sells and trades monsters on the black market.

Encounters: Mirajane

Other Game Elements: N/A

Notable People
Mirajane is the ring leader

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