Free Lands

Known for its plains and races, it resembles the savanna and features dinosaurs. The races that inhabit this region are the Raptoran, the Bangaa, the Catfolk, and the Half-Orcs. Each race has clearly defined hunting grounds and each is very territorial. Lately tension has been high amount the leaders of the Tribes as s result border wars are on the rise.

  • The Rapotorans live upon the mountain. Their territory is the surrounding plain around the base of the mountain and then some. They are kind to any race that is not a Half-Orc, but not kind enough to spare many of their flock members to aid adventurers. Their society’s structure is based upon wind, worship and they revere all things based on flight or air.
  • The Bangaa are closest to the Hume Balkins as a result they are the most modern of all the Newlands Races. Excellent trading between the Human Balkins has fortified their soldiers and troops with the best techniques. They are very proud of their soldiers and training.
  • The Catfolk live between the Bangaa and Raptoran. They are mainly hunters and gatherers. They have the largest territory of all the Races and many outposts. They enjoy their territory and there have been a few scuffles between the Raptorans and Bangaa for hunting rights. One of their Leaders is currently away in the mountains to train her body and spirit.
  • The Half-Orcs are at the end of the peninsula and are the first to see chaos beasts spawning from the water. Knowing that the Raptorans will not allow them to move near the mountain the Half-Orcs are defending themselves against the Chuul.
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