Flidella Oswald

Full Name: Flidella Oswald

Class and Level: Paladin 1 (planning on paladin 20)

Race: Human

Alignment: Lawful Good

Deity: She respects all those who encourage her worshipers to action, rather than passive lives.

Size: Medium

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5" 6'

Weight: 150 lbs

General Appearance: Ginger Red hair pulled back into a bun, light green eyes, and reddish tanned skin (burns easily). Wears old but well polished scale mail armor and wields a long sword and spiked shield.

Personal Goal/Motive: To go forth and face evil wherever it lurks and purge this good earth of the unholy invasion… and perhaps earn the admiration of Ameiko while she's at it.

Back Story: Born and raised in Sandpoint young Fridella was the daughter of two Sczarni conspirators Perrine and and Seiho Oswald. Though they tried to keep their criminal acts secret from their child, mostly through leaving her at home she was still surrounded by the bottom rung of Sandpoint society. Being oung and innocent about the harsh reality of the world, she asked her parents why bad things happened to good people. They told her it was the will of the gods and to not question it, lest it happen to her too. She asked why they did not help the poor or those in need, and there where seemingly always many in need of help, they responded saying it wasn't their job to right the wrongs of the world. Despite the answers they offered, she felt wrong not helping them and grew increasingly rebellious against her parents apathy.
She confided her growing discontent with her childhood friend Ameiko Kaijitsu and listened as she vented the pressures of being the heir to the most wealthy family in town and dealing with her strict father. These chats developed her compassion and helped her learn to sooth the frustrations of others. Hearing so much of the lives of the big families in Sandpoint fostered something of a fascination with nobility that eventually grew into a full study of heraldry and regional nobility. When Ameiko eventually left on her first adventure Flidella wished she could join but knew that she lacked the skills to survive such a quest.
Eventually Flidella's parent's where found dead, victims of a trapped merchants chest, when she was around the age of 16. Orphaned, though now convinced that there must be a better way of living than only for ones self she turned to the local sheriff Balor Hemlock to help her become the kind of person who could actually help people. Through the few short years she's been in his company he's become far more of a father figure to her than Seiho ever was. Ameiko had gone off to seek adventure and returned to found the Rusty Dragon Inn a little before her parents death. Inspired by her stories of adventure though unswayed by the warnings of danger Flidella began training with the local militia to earn some money and hone her skills for when they would be needed. Working with the militia eventually established a profession relationship between her and Shalelu Andosana though they have never really conversed much.

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