The Gnomish Federation

Located in the southern ashkatic seas the Gnomish Federation bears a resemblance geographically to a comic book chat bubble. Nearby Kupopolis and it's island capital Goug have been on good diplomatic standing since their founding. a fortunatle thing because almost all other nations have a straind relationship at best with them, some going so far as to call for their extermination along with Telhoma for their seeming lack of responsibility in selling firearms to any who can pay. Primary exports include explosives, a number of confections (sugar cane grows well in the north), alchemical goods and medicines, and any of a number of mundane items such as clocks, sextants, spyglasses, and lately firearms. Gnomish schools aren't nearly as renowned as elven schools of craftsmanship due to the lack of gravity given to the subject however the lasse fair methods used in gnomish public schools are gaining credibility.

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