Grimoire Researchers

Full Name: Elrond Astra | Lucine Rime | Venessa Torch

Class and Level: Archivist 15 | Illusionist 5/Shadowcraft Mage 5/Shadowcrafter 5 | Warmage 5/ Fiend-Blooded 9

Race: Nu Mou | Gray Elf | Hume

Alignment: Lawful Neutral | True Neutral | Chaotic Neutral

Deity: Lord of the Skytower

Size: Small | Medium | Medium

Age: 147 | 100+ | Mid 20's

Gender: Male | Female | Female

Height: 3' 1" | 5' 10" | 5' 5"

Weight: 63 lb. | 143 lb. | 130 lb.

General Appearance:
- Astra is a Nu Mou. He has long ears that droop down towards the floor. He is the very ideal of a sage, very wise and calm aura about him. He wears a faint smile at all times.
- Rime is a Gray Elf. Her pale blond her is pulled into a side pony tail and her eyes are violet. She has a very cold outer appearance. She is quite straight forward and takes her time. Weakness is ice cream.
- Torch is a Hume with fiendish heritage. she is the most violent and hot-headed of the three, patience is not her strong suit. She keeps her blazing red hair flowing down her back and her red eyes glaring.

Personal Goal/Motive: The researchers' goals are to finish the Grimoire of the Skytower. They know just the three of them cannot complete the tower's challenges. The last time Astra and Rime attempted to climb the tower they were stopped at the first floor by an 'impossible challenge'.

Back Story: Astra and Rime begun the research in their respective areas and both have made attempts to enter the tower, but could not progress further than the first floor. They both are currently studying the Tower's surrounding land and its protective wards before attempting once more. Torch was brought to Astra and Rime to research what sort of affliction was attacking her body. She later joins Astra and Rime to control her fiendish heritage.

"Finally it is almost done…" - Astra
"We will finally be able to finish the Grimoire" - Rime
"We get to write our names all over it after we are done right?" - Torch

Combat style:
"Knowledge is power in battle." - Astra
"No matter how much you disbelieve, my illusions are as real as myself." - Rime
"What's worst than a fiend? One that uses magic." - Torch

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