Grove Of Exodus

Summary: The 'Capital' of The Viera Dominion, the celerity ley line runs strongly here.

Country/Region: Dominion of the Viera

City Size: Small City

Population: 7,904

GP Limit: 15,000

Ready Cash: 5,925,000

Alignment: Lawful, True, Good Neutral.

Racial Demographic: Isolated
Viera: 7,587; Elves: 158; Humans: 79; Others: 80

Graphical Description: The Grove is hidden and sealed by using ancient Viera wardings, which only allows Viera to see the entry. Once revealed the path can be traversed by anyone, there are guards to ensure the forest monsters do not enter the city gates. The Grove is a series of suspended bridges using druidic magic to shape the trees and vines to naturally support the bridges. The forest floor is used for homes and shops. The bridges act as a highway system, used to quickly get from one side of the grove to the other. There are three separate entry points to the grove and all the bridges converge on the most defining feature, Exodus. Exodus is the largest and oldest tree in the forest, it is responsible for the wards hiding the Grove. The base of the tree is also naturally uprooted and houses the main temple, where Clerics pray and male Viera are protected.

Architecture Description: Druidic magic used to shape the trees and vines. Most things are shaped into what is needed, nothing is really cut unless it's a craving.

Economy: Economy is stable, they do not like outsiders much be are willing to allow merchants a short term entry license which is good for a month.

National Relations: The Elves and Viera are mutually allies. They also have much respect for Nu Mou and Moogle based factions. They are neutral with the Humes. They are on shaky relations with Bangaa, usually certain individuals rather than the whole race.

Political System: A Republic with nine council members. The figure head is elected by the council once every ten years, and council members choose individual who will succeed them, after 40 years of service. Only requirement is to be a Viera.

- Outsiders are not always welcome, but do not turn away merchants.
- Male Viera must always stay in the temple.
- Relations outside of Viera are welcome, but the family must live in the Dominion until their first child has reached adulthood.

Religion: Exodus is the Patron of all Vieras, it is required to worship him. Any that do not worship Exodus or opposed to the laws are asked to completely destroy ties with Viera Race.

Notable Organizations: Exodus Warders

Military: Warders: 79; Militia: 395

Leader: Council of nine members, one figure head.

Highest Authority: Exodus Warders Captian: Fighter lvl-10

Highest Level NPC of each Class:
Barbarian: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Bard: 1 level-12; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Cleric: 1 level-10; 2 level-5; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Druid: 1 level-12; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 8 level-1;
Fighter: 1 level-10; 2 level-5; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Monk: 1 level-9; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Paladin: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Ranger: 1 level-8; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Rogue: 1 level-7; 2 level-3; 4 level-1;
Sorcerer: 1 level-10; 2 level-5; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Wizard: 1 level-8; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 8 level-1;
Adept: 1 level-11; 2 level-5; 4 level-2; 321 level-1;
Expert: 1 level-14; 2 level-7; 4 level-3; 19 level-1;
Noble: 1 level-9; 2 level-4; 4 level-2; 321 level-1;
Warrior: 1 level-13; 2 level-6; 4 level-3; 34 level-1;
Commoner: 1 level-20; 2 level-10; 4 level-5; 8 level-2; 7,025 level-1;

Notable People:

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Fun Facts
- 99% of the Viera population is female, 1% is male. When a cross racial child is born between a Viera and another race the Viera genes will completely dominate if it is a female. If an interracial child is male it gains Half-Viera template.
- Exodus is not really a Deity, it is a magic infused tree that sits upon the Celerity ley line, which explains its old age.

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