Guild Club Applications

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Church of Uri-Laix
can only join once
The church of Uri-Laix has a lot to offer you spiritually and mentally. Uri-Laix is a gracious and powerful Diety that promotes your success and your happiness. All you need to do is work for him and his mission and he will reward you. To learn more about the Uri-Laix's noble mission contact the head church of Uri-Laix in (you guessed it) Uri-Laix. Further instruction will be given after your pilgrimage.
Reward: the feeling of achievement while helping Uri-Laix achieve his goal. Help from other Uri-Laix Followers.
Requirement: Nothing that wont be made up in the long run

Fantasim Syndicate
can only join once
We are seeking to hire new talent for our shows. Tryouts are welcome at anytime just stay after the shows to set up an audition.
Reward: Take part in the famous Fantasim Circus, and reap fame and fortune for a year.
Requirement: A Unique skill or trick, that another member does not have already.

NeoAthens' Harvester's Guild
can only join once
Rank: none
We are the backbone of NeoAthens' agriculture industry. We provide a constant and reliable food source for all NeoAthenians. We will teach you some basic necromancy spells that can be used for self defense.
Reward: Monthly Bag of apples and necromancy spell scrolls.
Requirement: Ability to cast 2nd level Necromancy spells as either a Focus Caster or Cursed Glance Necromancer Variant. Ability to use a Harvesting-inspired weapon.

Mage Guild
can only sign up once.
Rank: None
Arcane magic is one of the most fundamental powers in our world. the mage guilds goal is to understand that power and learn to harness it. To join the quest to discover the potential of arcane magic contact (uh…. insert name here? from here and here?) about membership
Reward: Access to the Mage guilds libraries, discounted rent at mage guild halls. and other stuff
Requirments: be an arcane caster.

Pet lovers club
can only sign up once.
Rank: None
We here at the pet lovers club believe that everyone should be paired up with there dream pet! Be it a kitten, a puppy, or a giant face raping displacer beast, we are dedicated to getting you the pet of your choice for discount prices. All it takes to join is 75 GP and expect up to half off one almost any pet you can imagine. Contact Alyssa of Pareni to receive your 6 month long membership card.
Reward: receive 10 to 50 percent off when buying an animal and get access to rarer pets that are fully trained. also once a month get a newsletter about the "companion of the month"
Requirement: 75 GP

Kupo! merchants guild
can only sign up once.
Rank: None
Are you interested in making money, kupo? are you a talented craftsmen, kupo? are you a moogle, kupo? Then you should join the Kupo! merchants guild! (kupo)
For a mere 100 GP a year you too can reap the benifits of being a proud merchant hailing from kupopolis, kupo! contact our guild Leader (insert mooglish name here) for information about the guild
Reward: as long as you have contact with the guild you can gain access to any raw material ( and sometimes items) you normally couldn't get in the city. in 1d4 days.
Requirement: 100 GP. must have at least one crafting feat. must be a moogle (there are RARE Exceptions)

Sword and Board
can only sign up once.
Rank: None
We seek the best fighters from across the world to join us. All levels of fighting skill welcome. Wither you don't know what end of the sword goes into the monster or if your a slayer of legends. Join us to test yourself against others who love a good fight. We even offer self-defense courses

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