Gypsy And Minstrel Prestige Class

“Music is just another medium into unlocking someone’s true potential.” –Sakane Sakuraba, Wandering Gypsy.

Gypsy and Minstrel PrC focus on balancing support and battle. They gain access to new songs and dances to assist their allies and gain improved versions of some feats as well as Tarot Cards that will provide players with a sense of risk. Gypsy’s primary weapon is a whip, while Minstrel’s primary weapon is a string instrument. Most individuals that enter this class are the wandering mercenary, or the traveling troupe, and some are so skilled that they are leaders of the military. All in all they tend to keep to themselves, and live a free spirited life traveling around and getting by on their performances.

Adaptation: Bards feel particulary attracted to such a lifestyle especially those who love martial combat. More charismatic Rogues find a benefit from some of crippling abilities that this class offers. Fighters might feel the call to support their allies in combat with encouraging words may look into this class. Any class that feels their charismatic influence on people when performing is as powerful as their sword-arm is qualitified.

Primary stats: Dex is high priority for Gypsys and Minstrels since their attacks and AC rely on the stat. A High Cha is also important for all the class abilities. Con is important for Gypsys and Minstrels since they are mid-ranged fighters.

- BAB: +6
- Proficiences: Whip or String Instrument (Masterwork quality same stats as a Whip [PH 117])
- Feats: Sling Arrow and Arrow Vulcan. see House Feats
- Skills: perform (string instrument/dance/sing/oratory) 13 ranks
- Special: Must encounter the Wanderer in battle.

- HD: d8
- Weapon and Armor Proficiences: None gained

Level BAB Fort Save Reflex Save Will Save Special
1st +1 +0 +2 +0 Bardic Music, Battle Harmony (Move Action)
2nd +2 +0 +3 +0 Dazzler/Frost Joke, Humming/Whistle
3rd +3 +1 +3 +1 Tarot (Sun, Stars), Improved Sling Arrow
4th +4 +1 +4 +1 Service for You/Apple of Idun
5th +5 +2 +4 +2 Battle Harmony (1/2 speed), Tarot (Fool, Hanged Man, Lovers)
6th +6 +2 +5 +2 Please Don’t Forget Me/Assassin’s Sunset, Charming Wink/Pang Voice
7th +7 +3 +5 +3 Tarot (High Preistess, High Magician), Improved Arrow Vulcan
8th +8 +3 +6 +3 Lady Luck/Poem of Bragi, Marrionette Control.
9th +9 +4 +6 +4 Tarot (Tower, Death), Battle Harmony (Swift Action)
10th +10 +4 +7 +4 Tarot (Wheel of Fortune), Ragnarok

- Class Skills (4 + Int Mod per level): Balance, Bluff, Concentration, Escape Artist, Hide, Listen, Perform, and Tumble.

- Class Features:

* Gypsy Class Features: All except Dazzler and Charming Wink cannot be used when you cannot do a Perform (Dance) check. Dazzler and Charming Wink have a 50% chance of failure when Silenced. Abilities based on perform (dance/oratory/sing). * Minstrel Class Features: All except Frost Joke and Pang Voice cannot be used when you cannot do a Perform (String Instrument) check. Frost Joke and Pang Voice have a 50% chance of failure when Silenced. Abilities based on perform (string instrument/sing/oratory).
Dazzler: 1d3 rounds of Stun Frost Joke: 1d3 rounds of Stun
Humming: +Attack Rolls Whistle: +AC
Service for You: +Spell Power Apple of Idun: Temporary HP
Please Don’t Forget Me: AoE Slow Assassin’s Sunset: AoE Haste
Lady Luck: +Crit Range Poem of Bragi: decrease Cast Time
Charming Wink: Dominate Pang Voice: Dominate
  • Note that if you have perform (dance) you take the Gypsy route and can only take the songs learned from that route, same applies for the Minstrel with perform (string instrument). However perform (sing/oratory) is free to choose either path, but must stay on that path.

- Bardic Music: Gypsy/Minstrel levels stack with Bard levels to determine how many times a day the character can use bardic music. If the character has no previous Bardic Music, then they gain 1 use per class level per day. After maintaining Gypsy/Minstrel Music for 1 round, characters must start rolling Perform Checks DC: 10+5/round(s) after first or the music effects are canceled, Each song uses up 1 daily use of Bardic Music. Consecutive successful Perform checks increase the range of the songs by 5 feet starting at a 30 foot radius centered on you.

- Battle Harmony: At 1st level characters learn the fundimentals of balancing song and might into a deadly harmony. Bardic Music can be maintained as a Move Action at 1st level, as a Swift Action with halved movement speed at 5th level, and finally as a Swift Action with full movement speed at 9th level. When using this form of Bardic Music the character may only take the following actions; At 1st level Sling Arrow at your lowest BAB. By 5th level you can Sling Arrow at your highest BAB, and regain the use of any standard action. By 9th level you may Full Attack with Arrow Vulcan while maintaining a song.

- Dazzler/Frost Joke: At 2nd level you learn that Charm and Humor are just effective as weapons. As a standard action all targets allies and enemies alike within a 30 foot radius centered around you, must make a Will Save (DC: 10+ ½ Gypsy/Minstrel level+Cha Mod.) or be stunned for 1d3 rounds. After a successful stun, you must wait 3 rounds before using this ability again. This is an Extraordinary Ability.

- Humming/Whistle: At 2nd level with 15 ranks in perform use 1 daily use of Bardic Music up to give the following benefit to your allies. Humming, make a Perform (dance) check then divide by 10 (round down if nesscary), and give the result as a morale bonus to attack rolls. Whistle, make a Perform (string instrument) check then divide by 10 (round down if nesscary), and give the result as an morale bonus to AC. Ex. Perform check = 24, 24 / 10 = +2 bonus. This is a Supernatural ability.

- Tarot Cards: Upon reaching 3rd level a Gypsy/Minstrel will be given a set of 10 blank cards by an unknown woman. These cards are soul, mind, and heart bound and the connection can never be severed, even if the card is destoried another will manifest itself to replace it. To any other these cards have no use. As the Gypsy/Minstrel adventures more cards unlock themselves to the user. Using these cards is a full round action, roll d% to determine what card will be used at your current level. Cards can be used on any creature that has an HD of your own or lower and two above it (Ex. Your HD = 13, so you can Tarot up to HD 15). Tarot Card is an supernatural ability.

Tarot Card: Range 60' w/ line of sight. Will Save DC 10 + 1/2 character level + Cha Mod. Effect: If the target succeeds the DC by 10 or more then you get the effect of the Tarot instead. Avalible at this level and %:
The Sun: Day's Warrior 1d6 damage and temporary STR, DEX, CON damage. 3rd level, 1~10%
The Stars: Night's Children Target is dazed 3rd level, 11~20%
The Fool: Forever Silenced Target cannot use spells 5th level, 21~30%
The Hanged Man: Wrongly Accused Casts Entangle on the target 5th level, 31~40%
The Lovers: Fate Bound Leech 5d8 HP from the target. 5th level, 41~50%
The High Priestess: Divine Clearance Dispel, Greater on the target 7th level, 51~60%
The High Wizard: Arcane Stasis 1d6 damage and temporary INT, WIS, CHA damage. 7th level, 61~70%
The Tower: Untied We Fall 5d6 damage in a 10’ radius. 9th level, 71~80%
The Death: Tortured Soul Cast Phantasmal Killer 9th level, 81~90%
The Wheel of Fortune: Fate's Friend Reroll 2d% and use both card effects. 10th level, 91~100%
  • The Sun: 1d6 damage along with STR, CON, and DEX damage that lasts your Cha Mod. Rounds.
  • The Stars: Target is dazed (PH 307) for Cha Mod. Rounds
  • The Fool: Target cannot use spells for 1 round
  • The Hanged Man: Casts Entangle (PH 227) and the DC is 11 + Cha Mod.
  • The Lovers: Targeted creature recieves 5d8 negative damage (heals undead), and you gain that amount in positive energy.
  • The High Priestess: Dispel Magic, Greater (PH 223) treat your Caster Level as Class levels.
  • The High Wizard: 1d6 damage along with INT, WIS, CHA damage that lasts for your Cha Mod. Rounds.
  • The Tower: 5d6 damage in a 10-foot radius, all targets in the area can make a Reflex Save to take half damage.
  • The Death: cast Phantasmal Killer (PH 260) on the target, DC is 14 + Cha Mod.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Sheer luck allows you to reroll twice and apply both results to the same target. Wheel of Fortune does not work on the reroll.

- Improved Sling Arrow: At 3rd level your Sling Arrow Damage increases to 2d6 + Dex. Mod.

- Service for You/Apple of Idun: At 4th level with 17 ranks in perform use 1 daily use of Bardic Music to give the following benefit to your allies. Service for You, Perform check/10 = morale bonus to any character’s primary casting Score, this increases spell DCs and bonus spells per day. Apple of Idun, Allies gain temporary HP equal to your Perform Check. This is a supernatural ability.

- Please Don’t Forget Me/ Assassin’s Sunset: at 6th level with 19 ranks in perform use 1 daily use of Bardic Music to give the following. Please Don’t Forget Me, cast Slow (no saves) to all enemies within range of your music, once they move out the effect stops. Assassin’s Sunset, cast Haste on all allies within range of your music, once they move out the effect stops. This is a supernatural ability.

- Charming Wink/ Pang Voice: At 6th level your natural charm and humor affect people so greatly that you can control them. One Humanoid creature within 60’ of you with line of sight must make Will Save DC 10+1/2 Gypsy/Minstrel level+Cha Mod. Or be under the affect of Dominate Person (PH 224). You may only dominate one person at a time and this supernatural mind-affecting ability cannot be used multipule times on the same target within a day. This ability lasts for 1 minute/ Cha Mod. This is an Extraordinary ability.

- Improved Arrow Vulcan: At 7th level Arrow Vulcan becomes your signature attack. The following benefits are bestowed, 2d8 Damage + Dex. Mod., 1 extra attack at your highest BAB when Arrow Vulcaning stacks with all other bonuses, and if all attacks connect the Target must make a Will Save DC: 10 + 1/2 Gypsy/Minstrel Level + Cha. Mod. or be stunned for the round.

- Lady Luck/Poem of Bragi: At 8th level with 21 ranks in perform use 1 daily use of Bardic Music to give the following. Lady Luck, Perform check/10 = bonus to allies’ weapon threat range, does not stack with other crit range bonuses. (Ex. Result is 2, on a longsword 19-20 becomes 17-20 to crit) Poem of Bragi, Perform check DC 30 to lower the casting time for spells by one step, cannot be faster than a Swift Action nor be used on spells higher than 3rd level. (Swift<Move<Standard<Full-Round). This is a supernatural ability.

- Marionette Control: At 8th level as your music approaches its final form you realize that your music does not only affect the mind, but the soul itself. As you reach this revelation you realize you can connect to your ally’s rythme and amplify it. As a Full-round action you make a Perform Check DC 10 + target’s level + their highest Ability Mod., to successfully connect with them. After the connection is established, you take your own Ability score that you had to overcome in DC and halve the Ability Score and give the result as an insight bonus to the target’s Ability Score. (Ex. Your Str = 14, Target’s Str = 18. ½ of 14 = 7, 7+18 = Target’s New Ability Score.) You and the target must remain within 60’ of each other to keep this effect going no line of effect needed. This is a extraordinary ability. While in this state you cannot take any other action beyond moving as close as possible to the target and cannot start new music. Your current music stays, but does not increase in range, must continue to make essclating Perform checks. This effect can be ended as a free action only on your turn.

- Ragnarok: At 10th level your experince with music unlocks a forbbiden song that was said to end the world in another plane. This song requires a full round to inniate, to cease all other music and class abilities, and have the counterpart of this prestige class to be standing next to you that also knows this ability. Next round make a Perform check. DC 25 = Effects of both Humming and Whistle in a 40’ radius, DC 30 = Effects of both Service for You and Apple of Idun in a 50’ radius, DC 35 = Effects of both Please Don’t Forget Me and Assassin’s Sunset in a 60’ radius, DC 40 = Effects of both Lady Luck and Poem of Bragi in a 70’ radius. Roll a Natural 20 on the DC check and All songs are in effect within a 80’ radius and Marrionette Control up to 6 Ability Scores to allies within 400’ (Marionettes stackable). Song effects stack, with some exceptions. During Ragnarok you are effectively helpless and the effect cannot be canceled unless you fail 2 consecutive rounds to maintain the effect, you die, or the encounter ends. Afterwards you are unconscious for the rest of the day.

  • Ex. You Perform Check is a total of 37, so that gives you the first three set of songs at a 60' radius around you, on the first round. Next round you make the normal Gypsy/Minstrel Perform check to maintain and increase the range of the song effects by 10'.
  • Notice: all songs from Ragnarok are still morale bonuses so they do not stack, the highest applies. Marionette Control is an insight bonus, so it still does not stack.
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