Full Name: Hayri

Class and Level: Cad 1

Race: Human

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral

Deity: Besmara

Size: Medium

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 180

General Appearance: Stocky and brutish, he has earned many scars from his past.

Personal Goal/Motive: He fights to survive, everyday is another chance to prove he is alive.

Back Story:
You lived one of two ways in the Beggarbriar district. The first way; you sit around scraping together materials to sell for enough coin to get by. The second way; you fight for enough coin to live well. Hayri wasn’t the brightest, nor the most charming man, but he certainly knew how to fight and kill.
His fights consisted of many uses of improvational weapons, he could turn most any object into a deadly weapon. Any sense of “honor” in fighting was a joke in Beggarbriar. If your talk is big you better have the balls to man up and fight to the death. One man’s death is another’s livelihood. Fighting is no show or sport; it is survival.
One night after having a “skirmish” with a pirate, Hayri decided to stop by Formidably Maid for a drink. Having a little bit more coin than normal he treated himself well. However a group of ruffians confronted him about the origin of the coin purse he was in possession of. Attempting to solve it like the diplomat he was outside, Hayri deftly took down six of them in the alley before backup arrived and he was knocked out from behind.

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