Full Name: None given - only known by the feminine third-person pronoun

Class and Level: (monk 6 / tattooed monk 3 (I think))

Race: Half-orc

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Deity: none

Size: medium

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 172

General Appearance: If you looked at her, you would not be able to tell she was female. Always wears a blue fright mask and is adorned with various body parts. Muscular, especially in the legs. Hairy. Scarred in various placed, including two rather prominent ones on her chest.

Personal Goal/Motive: Destroy. Anything that gets in her way she will want to obliterate. When nothing is in her way, she'll either survive in recluse or actively search for a living thing to kill, depending on when the urges hit her.

Back Story: She was raised in a backwater half-orc settlement on the outskirts of Neoathenian jurisdiction. Her father was disappointed with the lack of a son, so she was sequestered to an isolated room in her domicile for twelve years, where she witnessed her father beating her mother before beating Her from time to time. After a human raid on the settlement, her mother died in battle and her father limped home with severe wounds. She killed him as soon as he entered, and Her left for parts unknown. She lived in the wilderness for many years, learning to kill and become strong.

Combat style: A bruiser, Her has a high strength modifier, using power attack in conjunction with Boots of Asskick to execute her favored method of dealing damage - head surfing.

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