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Summary: Former village of a mixed population primarily comprised of Elf and Humans displaced by the Hume war. Abandoned and in ruin as a result of a raid there years ago.

Country/Region: Second-southernmost island of the Tehloma Galapagos

City Size: Formerly Hamlet

Population: Formerly 198, now 0 (known)

GP Limit: N/A

Ready Cash: N/A

Alignment: Formerly Neutral Good

Racial Demographic: Formerly 58% Human, 42% Elven

Graphical Description: Mild hills, a simple river system, heavily-forested

Architecture Description: A mixture of Elven and Human architectural styles, some of which is in shambles now

Economy: Formerly egrarian

National Relations: Virtually none

Political System: Formerly a democratic monarchy

Laws: Regular goodie Elven stuff

Religion: Imagine there's no heaven… it's easy if you try… no hell below us… above us only sky…

Notable Organizations: Nope.

Military: Formerly a loose militia of colonists

Leader Formerly Lord Selor Mollo

Highest Militant Authority: Formerly Lord Selor Mollo

Highest Level NPC of each Class: N/A

Notable People: Swombe


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