Full Name: Kildvar

Class and Level: Inquisitor (Infiltrator/Preacher)

Race: Dwarf

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Deity: Besmara

Size: Medium

Age: 125 (Had his birthday on night he was press-ganged— matching perfectly, minute for minute; second for second, the moment the sap struck his head.)

Gender: Male

Height: 3' 11"

Weight: 164

Appearance/Personality: Kildvar is a typical dwarf in many respects, at least as far as appearance goes but has a few remarkable features; he is short, even by dwarven standards, has a bulky, even fat, build, but don't let appearances fool you— Kildvar is far from out of shape; he is fairly strong, even more dexterous, and even more fortuitous still. He has a worn face showing more than his share of time, in no small part due to his many small scars, but whereas his face belies his age it confesses his great wisdom. Kildvar is much more agreeable than a typical dwarf but only very slightly more than other common folk, and while not stupid he is neither the sharpest tool in the shed.

Personal Goal/Motive: He fancies himself a 'paladin' of Besmara, a phrase perhaps as oxymoronic as himself if not more so. He lives by exemplifying her portfolio, and by defending it. Wherever he can live by her tenets he is happy, and where he can defend, or fight to get, them he is happier.

Back Story:
Miracle One—
Having been born in the great dwarven Sky Citadel Highhelm in 4587 for as long as Kildvar could remember he had been plagued with a single recurring nightmare, that one day he would be king of Sky Citadel Highhelm; although such a dream would overjoy most dwarfs Kildvar could only dread that he would be so unlucky to be kept chained down by such a curse, but for as much as he longed to leave he knew that doing so would quickly lead to his demise, and the only thing worse than the confined life of a king was an eternity of working the forges of Torag's divine realm, a lucky reward to be handed out to all dwarfs upon death if the clergy of Highhelm were to be believed, and so he remained waiting for when he could finally safely leave. Kildvar, however, was never meant to live in such an uptight city, he was a free-spirit, and to him even the massive Citadel could not sate his hunger;for all it's vastness it was still enclosed, the only small miracle, he thought, was that long ago another dwarf must have felt the same thing he did but was lucky enough to have influence for he set in motion the 'Quest for the Sky' where the dwarfs emigrated from their holes in the Darklands to the world above. So with his ever increasing claustrophobia he found himself in more and more trouble until finally he found himself in the dark, and therefore colorless, prison of Highhelm, arrested for trespassing on Royal ground, many years rolled by being tortured and hazed in some mockery of 'rehabilitation' with a painful test once a year where a priest would come and after a long series of agonizing incantations he would declare Kildvar, ever rebellious despite the pain, unfit of reintegration. Tired from the latest 'test' the first of three small miracles happened to Kildvar, after falling asleep dreading that ever present nightmare, which had been persistent as ever even given his long years in jail, he instead dreamed the most visceral dream he had ever had, so real in-fact that when it started he thought it to be real:

"Kildvar woke in his prison cell to find the ground cover in near 3 inches of water, after calling out to his fellow prisoners and to the
guards supposed to be on duty and receiving no response he tried his cell door and to his amazement if swung open. He tip-toed as
quietly as was possible with the water under-foot, he passed cell after cell on his way to the door and again to his amazement
the were all empty where where before the had housed all manner of criminals, finally reaching the cell block door he noticed water
trickling under the door with the door it'self swollen with moisture. Expecting a stuck door he pulled with all his might but to his
surprised it flew open easily; he stumbled caught off balance but for a moment before a wall of water he had just released caught
up to him and threw him to the floor bashing his head on the floor causing his vision to haze. He inhaled deeply at the pain and
shock of it only to choke of the water rushing in ever quicker. Kildvar blacked out— the only thought racing through his head was
that he was going to die never having escaped his prison of a life. Awaking to find himself drifting on a broken board above the
Citadel as there were in an invisible ocean above Highelm. While still recovering from his unconsciousness a storm began brewing on
the 'ocean'; before long it was nothing short of a full blown hurricane, and just as quickly as storm had appeared everything
became still, after a quick scan around Kildvar found himself not to be out of the storm but to be in the eye of it. Suddenly from
underneath him a ship appeared from a portal and rose into the eye washing Kildvar onto the deck. On deck a beautiful water spirit
stood for but a moment before shape-shifting into a beautiful halfling maiden with raven hair. She strut over to Kildvar just as he
pulled himself to his feet, now strangely dry. She said, "I have seen that which you seek and have seen that which you may
accomplish, I will to free you but you must first prove yourself." Kildvar breathed only a fraction of a word before her finger was at
his lips and she bode him not to speak and continued, "I will grant you a small measure of power, first prove that you posses the
guile required to sow and breed chaos without reveling yourself as the farmer. You will be released from prison only if they believe
you have been 'rehabilitated' once you are set free from prison forge papers and lie so that you may be given a spot on a
merchant's caravan to Katapesh by route of the Inner Sea; if you can get that far I will meet you again." At the last word she
uttered she drove her rapier into his gullet before laughing as she easily threw his helpless body overboard. Barley conscious he
splashed through the 'water' below and plummeted toward the ground below, as he smashed into the ground Kildvar woke of from
this dream… this vision."

After waking up and collecting himself Kildvar felt a divine power running through him, instinctively he knew it's ability, to mask his inner nature, a way to beat the priest at his own game, but he knew that alone would not save him they would genuinely have to believe he had repented, at this moment a guard walk by and loudly demand to know what he was up to, and before Kildvar knew what he was saying he wove the most eloquent lie he had ever concocted abut how he had had a vision of Torag in all his glory and he was ready to give into his lawful glory, and much to his surprise the guard responded positively and muttered "About time" before walking away where before that question had always led to a through round of hazing. Kildvar continued this charade for the entire year before finally came the day where the priest would come to test him, he anxiously awaited the arrival of the priest having masked his alignment just as he had been doing for the many weeks prior, and after the painful tests the priest, somewhat sullenly, said "This ones ready." and walked out of the room. After a couple day of processing Kildvar was indeed released and he immediately set about the task he had been given by this benevolent, if frightening spirit, and before long things were all set. Kildar was to accompany the caravan on recommendations of the king as 'A promising young trader being sent to Katapesh for further studies.' The caravan was to travel south to the Andoran port capital of Almas to sail along the inner sea to the capitol city of Katapesh. Things went smooth and time passed quickly for Kildvar who now was finally out of the dreaded citadel of Highhelm. Things were going so well he had nearly forgotten the Spirit's words, the nightmare that had plagued him before now hardly ever came and with freedom at hand freedom too no longer pervaded his every thought.

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