Full Name: 'Ksher Vel'Glarn

Class and Level: Fighter 8/ Exotic Weapons Master 1

Race: Drow

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Deity: Lloth

Size: Medium

Age: 121 Years

Gender: Male

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 175 Lbs

General Appearance: That of a typical Drow male save slightly more muscled but in an elegant way instead of just "beef", also slightly below shoulder length white hair, a tad dirty. Finally his eyes are a dark red almost black.

Personal Goal/Motive: Slave Gathering and, of course, power. Power unavailable to him in the matriarchal drow society of the underdark, specifically Erelhei-Cinlu. However, he was originally sent out to gather slaves for House Vae, and while he still does his focus has shifted to gaining power and slaves for himself — only sending the worst of the slaves to House Vae. Hoping one day to return with those slaves for House Tormtor, or the ruling house of the time, in order to join the rank of the Elite guards of the City Erelhei-Cinlu. Or maybe even Consort of the house's Matron Mother, with any luck.

Back Story: Born a Szarkai (Albino Drow) of the house of Vae many of his race regarded him as a chosen of the Spider Queen Lloth and was; therefore, trained in the Drow house of Vae as a specialist in fighting with a spiked chain. He grew up with assassination attempts coming from every which way, as the other houses did not wish to see such a special child of Lloth to be brought up in a house that was not their own, which served, in the end, only to strengthen him when they finally ceased. He eventually he became such a good warrior that he was appointed head Slave Gatherer for the surface, which makes sense given his blessing from Lloth — that of being a Szarkai'. He gathered slaves for House Vae for many years until he had collected enough power to begin to keep, for himself, some of the slaves he collected and as time passed he grew more and more power hungry keeping more and more slaves and better and better slaves for himself, until he decided he would use his acquired slaves to further his position in Erelhei-Cinlu, by giving them to the dominating house in exchange for power. However, House Vae caught wind of his plan through an infiltrator and has been sending him assassins after him ever since, but he has built quite the defensive out-post for himself with many loyal warriors and slaves to protect him while he gathers the "resources" he needs to return to Erelhei-Cinlu to strike up the deal with House Tormtor. Witch is what he his doing to this day on the border of an elven forest (For Sacrifices) and a small mixed racial settlement (For Slaves). It is located deep within a cave the only light coming from the settlement which is at best at illuminated to only shadowy illumination.

Combat style: Spiked Chain trip master, if you are flanked or Flat Footed he makes an attack which if it does damage he atempts to trip and if he trips he makes another, free, attack. Even when he has already moved. Otherwise he trips and then smashes you normally. A lot of time he simply captures his enemy(s) for enslavement or as a sacrifice. He keeps at least two of his elite guards with him at all times, even if at first it may appear he is alone, and the others are likely to be some where close by ready to assist if called upon, if the fate of the battle is looking grim he is likely to cast darkness and flee further into the cave. Catching him outside would be nigh impossible for he only goes out on marks of importance, preferring to send one of his three elite guards and a handful of lesser slavers on normal midnight raids instead.

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