Kupo Merchant's Guild

Summary: A guild that helps craftsmen and merchants connect

Cities, Base City: Goug

Entry Requirements: Must pay 100 GP a year. Must be a Moogle, and must have at least one item creation feat.

Benefits: can get rare items and raw materials that are normally not buy able in the city you are in in 1d4 days. get a discount buying things from the guild.

Combat: they are creators not warriors.

Advancement: Its assumed that if you are a moogle and you craft you should be in it. They have no real need to recruit.

short supplies - the Kupoplis military has run low on XXX item. create some and send to the troops as soon as possible. will be paid modestly.
research - the kupo! guild is always brimming out new inventions. your inovation is needed and you are to send your most creative item to the city of goug as soon as possible.

Responsibilities: In the Kupo! guild a player is expected to send items to the military and the head of the guild when requested. they should expect compensation for there allegiance though.

Structure: The guild is ranked by seniority. there is a counsel of elite members that each specialize in a different type of creation. They prefer to not be made known unless there is a conflict however.

NPC Reaction: They find that the goods sold by the guild are of good quality but are a bit wary. they tend to shy away from a guild member at first saying they don't want to buy any guns.

DC 10 - they are a good group and its a good choice to buy from them
DC 15 -You have the money? They have the guns.

Encounters: To talk to one of the merchant guild leaders one needs to go through disturbingly large amounts of red tape.

Other Game Elements: They sell guns. guns!

Notable people:
Exii is a member.

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