Full Name: Undisclosed: first name Launa.

Class and Level: Alchemist 1

Race: Elf

Alignment: Undisclosed.

Deity: Undisclosed.

Size: M

Age: 131

Gender: Female

Height: 6'0

Weight: 82lb

Personal Goal/Motive: Undisclosed.

Back Story: One morning, about two weeks prior, Nisk Tander, owner of Bottled Solutions had mysteriously acquired an assistant. Launa, the scrawny, and somewhat twitchy elf was rarely seen in the store, other than when called upon to fetch some item for a customer. Never leaving before sundown, she can be found at Sandpoint Glassworks, or more rarely The Curious Goblin, after night has fallen. She also visits Sandpoint Savories every morning to purchase a loaf of bread. She doesn't reside at any of the inns, and has never been seen in one, other than a brief meal at The Rusty Dragon upon her first arrival. However, Garridan Viskalai has complained about beggars more frequently since Launa's arrival, and she has been seen at the back doors of the White Deer, speaking to a cook. To add to her awkward nocturnal behavior, Launa is often seen heading toward The Old Light at night, and even once or twice wandering about the island north of it. The demon hilted dagger at her waist dose nothing to silence rumors and suspicion.

Combat style: Pitches fiery bombs into combat, sometimes chugging down vials of odd concoctions to better her aim, or make bombs more potent.

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