Leauge of Silvers

A paranoid kingdom with the leylines of teleportation and scrying under it's tower. The capital is next to the largest inland body of water The Lake of Gold. dictatorial nation with constant surveillance of it citizens though the power of the leyline of scrying. Repeat offenders are monitored more closely so keeping a low profile while attempting anything funny is a good idea. The abbreviation is used in conversation similar to the USA. Being north of the Telhoma Galapagos, the Gnomish republic, and Goug one my say they have reason to be paranoid…

Major cities:
Faeul - largest port city in LOS, currently posses a rather powerful war ship…



Type of government: Monarchy

Flag: The flag is a rectangle with three vertical stripes of dark aqua, dark red-violet and grey-blue, and a triangle of blue-black on the left. The emblem is a whip and a candle within a shield shape


Fun facts:

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