Legacy Of Fire

Loot Sheet:

PP =

GP = 38,875

SP = 14053

CP = 35332

Greataxe of Life Stealing (sword of life, opposite)
+2 Greataxe
crit: 1 negative level
1d6 temporary hit points each negative level
24 hours after first hit, DC 16 Fort Save or else permenant

Scroll of Kakishawn
Lesser Restoration Wand – 19 Charges - mida
+1 breastplate
amulet of health
ring of protection +1
2 potions holy water
obsidian holy symbol of rovagug
potion of jump
potion of cure mod x5
potion exp retreat
ring of feather fall
arcane scroll of knock, acid arrow, spider climb
leather armor
arcane scroll locate object
arcane scroll magic aura blindness/deafness
divine scroll detect poison, calm animals, magic fang
thieves tools
curelight x4 cl 5

Pot of Shield Faith +4 x3
Tan Bag of Tricks
Pouch with Large Rubies.
Goose Egg Ruby (Lucky Charm thing)
Tuning Fork (Abjuration)

Pretty Coral x10
Ram's Golden Armor Plates x7
Ram's Golden Horn x2

+3 Undead Bane Arrows x13
Scroll of Discenigrate
+2 Mithril Buckler
Paripat of wound closure

Alexandrite (400 gp)
Aquamarine (500 gp)
Black Pearl (500 gp)
Coral (120 gp)
Deep Blue Spinel (500 gp)
Fire Opal (1300 gp)
Golden Yellow Topaz (400 gp)
Obsidian (5 gp)
Sardonyx (20 gp)
Star Ruby (1000 gp)

Arcane Scroll (Summon Monster I (25 gp), Summon Monster II (150 gp)) (total 175 gp)
Divine Scroll (Magic Fang (25 gp), Eagle's Splendor (150 gp), Water Walk (375 gp)) (total 550 gp)
Oil of Shillelagh (50 gp)
Potion of Aid (300 gp) (Drawback curse)
Potion of Resist Energy (10) (300 gp)

18 Crystal Bowl, 10 GP,
10 GP worth of marble inside
Mythrial Medallion Cross Falchions worth 300GP
21 Every burning touches
Locked Silver Coffer, 500 GP Lock DC 40
Incense of Mediation
Slippers of Spider Climb
Bottle of Air
Figurine of Wondrous power, onyx dog

6 master work scimitars

Bracers of Armor +2
Thing Carter Stole
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of the Ram, 22 Charges
Gold Circlet, 2000 GP

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