Full Name: Lonan

Class and Level: Tiefling 1/Swashbuckler 3/ Swordsage 1/ Fighter 2/ Warblade 3/ Dervish 10

Race: Tiefling

Alignment: LG

Deity: N/A

Size: Medium

Age: 170

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"


General Appearance: Dark features with a slight scowl. He seems to have a bad personality, but he cares for those who cannot help themselves.

Personal Goal/Motive: Find a place he fits in, where his talents have a chance to flourish.

Back Story: He knew from the moment he was aware of emotion that he was not like his fellow Tieflings. He also could not fit into a society that was not used to Outsiders. As a result he wandered. His travels ended when he discovered the small city of Rilldak. It is here he decided to join the militia to protect this town from the dangers of the Frostfell. His instincts tell him that he would only bring misfortune so long as he stayed in the town. He must wander again.

Combat style: Int and Dex Two-Weapon Fighter, with Martial Maneuvers to bring about an element of variety and unpredictable behavior on the battlefield.

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