Mage Guild

Summary: A guild dedicated to learning more about the power of magic to benefit lives everywhere.

Cities, Base City: Found in all cities higher then Thorpe

Entry Requirements: be an arcane caster with scribe scroll, journal of your findings.

Benefits: access to the guild hall. this includes cheap sophisticated rooms for overnight use a lobby for intellectual discussions and a broad library. Using the library gives +10 to knowledge checks

Combat: combat… hah!

Advancement: to join this guild you have to go to the mage hall. there are ones in large town and higher. the ones in bigger cities are cooler. Simply fill out the paper work and promise to show your traveling research every time you check into one.

recovery - the guild needs to retrieve an artifact that has been found on a deserted island. join and it will be made worth your while.

Responsibilities: the only responsibility to the mage guild is writing a journal of your arcane findings and sharing them with the collective.

Structure: the mage guild is lead by volunteers. jenny

NPC Reaction: they think there a smart bunch.. but its not fair they make not members pay so much for the library.

can find out almost anything thats going on if your a member.

Encounters: there is this mage named jenny …she seems to be around a lot.

Other Game Elements: nothing really.

Notable people:
Volunteer Jenny
Grimoire Researchers

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