Full Name: Malalloth Velglarn'

Class and Level: 1st Warblade; 10th Warblade/10th Warmind

Race: Drow

Alignment: NE (with slight lawful tendencies more or so just because it takes a conditioned organizied mind to master a mind.)

Deity: Lloth

Size: Medium

Age: 121

Gender: Male

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 170

General Appearance: Normal Drow

Personal Goal/Motive: Master combat though mastering his mind and the Talariic Texts. Hungers for power as well.

Back/Current Story: (Yes, I am gonna keep a running log of events, a story of sorts) He woke up in a forest not knowing anything of his past, or if he even has one. His personality is that of a typical Drow: Racist (Mostly towards elves), has a Superiority Complex, and hungers for power; However, unlike most drow he has latent psychic talents waiting for the right stimulus. So far he made his way to a fountain surrounded by Fae of law. At the fountain he met a group of others like him of all differing races, one of the hated inferior races of elves, even a whale, among others of less note. And made an alliance with a power hungry woman of the group(Perhaps his baser desires for power will be realized) named Solva. With a range of talents the group is building a camp at the fountain, during which they were attacked by a wolf which they fought off. This act has awakened within him new abilities both martial and of the mind…

Combat style: Warblade of the Diamond Mind, also has very minor psychic powers he hopes to grow through mastering the Talariic Texts.

Kinda large but I'm done messing.

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