Full Name: Marvin

Class and Level: 1 (cleric 5/ walker of the waste 10)

Race: darfellan aka orca whale

Alignment: neutral crazy

Deity: water itself

Size: medium

Age: 26

Gender: male whale

Height: 6 8

Weight: 300

General Appearance: looks alot like jabber jaw if he was a orca whale not a shark… he will eventually be wearing a large roomy robe and a hood. his smile takes up most of his face and he caries around 2 buckets one with a rock in it.

Personal Goal/Motive: Marvins goal in live is to control all sources of water which he equates to power and happiness. he gifts those he likes with its blessings and denies his enemies relief from parching thirst. he eventually wants to become one with the largest body of water in the world.

Back Story: Marvin woke up in the middle of nowhere and instantly knew something was wrong. he felt completely out of place in his surroundings. upon looking around he found a fountain. the water he found inside called to him. in the water was where he truly belonged. he knew form that day forward he would devote himself to its powers.

Combat style: Marvin prefers to drain water from the living. its all his water. he does this by biting them. when he isn't doing that he is healing his party because they are useful little pawns.

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