Mida Saya

Full Name: Mida saya

Class and Level: cleric 20 (cleric 10)

Race: Gnome

Alignment: NG

Deity: Sarenray

Size: small

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Height: 1 foot, 5 inches

Weight: 45 lbs including everything

General Appearance: Pink hair with large eyes, very thin arms. Wears carrying backpack like suspenders.

Personal Goal/Motive: To live by the grace of Serenray, grow in faith, and someday be able to regenerate her own legs.

Back Story: Her father ( Galran Saya ) was a translator and diplomat. He taught her her some simple spells for translation and communication as well as the importance of etiquette. Her mother was a caravan merchant and wasn't around much but told her stories of the world of golarion. When it came time to leave she joined the church of serenray and set out to travel the world. She quickly met up with an adventuring party but they where wiped out in an encounter with a bulette, leaving her badly wounded and without legs. She stabilized and lived through though rather broken by the loss of her comrades but this loss caused her to cling to her faith even tighter. She has since spent many more years traveling and seen many others pass. Someday she hopes that she will be strong enough to keep all her companions assuredly safe but still tries her best to protect them. Currently adventuring in katapesh looking to battle the forces of rovagug.

Combat style: dispenses buffs to whoever is carrying her, most likely the party tank. tries to keep healing to outside of combat but has been finding channel healing increasingly useful. Does have a small crossbow in her bag of holding but doesn't use it much. Acts as backup mook blasting with holy smite.

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