Character art

Full Name:Milly is what I go by.

Class and Level: Rogue 5 / Barbarian 2 / Fighter 2 / Frenzied Berserker 3

Race:Human, though I sure don't feel like it sometimes…

Alignment: Chaotic Good, I kill people to protect the important things in life.

Deity:Cultist of Saturnalia. Keeper of the Holiday

Size: *SLAP* You pervert!

Age: Really pushing it now aren't you…?

Gender: Female! I'm no curvy elf maiden but the name should have tipped you off!

Height: 5" 2'

Weight: 102 lbs, 6oz on an empty stomach. Finally asking about something nice.

General Appearance: Short cut grey hair in swept spikes, wearing a loose red tunic and pants with fuzzy white fur trim. Has pine needle green eyes and fair skin that's recently been gaining some color.

Personal Goal/Motive: To defend the holidays, bake a damn good cookie, and live a good life.

Back Story: Born in Herti I grew up to be trained in stealth. Got quite good at the entrance phase of a hit. The big turning point in my career though was when when I caught a glimpse of berserker training and realized I could hit just as accurately as they could, just with less power. How they landed such devastating blows sat on my mind in class for the next week before I petitioned for entrance into the program. The elders were suspicious but has seen weirder things work and decided I'd be a good prototype. My instincts were right, that training put me at the top of the Cults agents and built quite a bit of respect for our abilities too. I've been told Herti would like to start a new program in my style but right now my bakery is nearly as profitable as the teaching salary they'd offer me. That and my allegiance is to the Cult and the Cult alone, they'll have to top their offer if they want to get me back.

Combat style:
*ahem* Via the use of tactically sound supporting structures or via one own fortitude leverage the full power of one lower body before striking from above the enemy with the full force of ones upper body. In this manner your strike will contain the entirety of your strength and will devastate the enemies armor and body. In other words: jump on ‘em from as high as you can so gravity will do the leg work while you focus on your arms and aiming. Oh and avoiding the splatter, the red isn’t just a fashion statement you know :)

100 Questions: pending a good night sleep and a easy way to add them.

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