Full Name: Mirali Jane (Mirajane)

Class and Level: Conjurer (Rapid Summoning) 3/ Master Specialist 5

Race: Human

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Deity: none

Size: Medium

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 127 lb.

General Appearance: Purple eyes stare at you as if she is judging your worth. Her wavy black hair is gathered into her top hat, except for a few strands that frame her pale face. She wears a white dress with layers of frills that flares out from her waist down. The top of her dress has been altered to be an oriental inspired top with a flower print on it. She carries a large umbrella that can easily cover her entire body including the area the dresscovers.

Personal Goal/Motive: Sell her conjured monsters on the black market and entertain the masses with her circus.

Back Story: It was the greatest show on the planet; there were beast tamers, fire-eaters, winged acrobats, and humorous clowns. The carnival traveled all throughout the world gaining fame and fortune in the far reaches of the world in the eyes of the public. What the people did not know was that the carnival was a setup to hide the smuggling and black market trade of monsters. Mirajane was a star during the day festivities, and a crime lord at night dealings. She was part of a team who extorted money from the buyers of the rare monsters; she ensured they always paid the syndicate its fair price with a large tip for their services. She has left the syndicate to travel the world for power that even the syndicate cannot grant her.

She had formed a bond with all her fiendish summons, and thus earned their respect and trust in battle. She is summoner by nature, she had practiced the art with such vigor that she can now quickly dispatches her monsters into battle. She stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the other schools of magic, except for Transmutation, which she has a small bit of fondness for. She prefers monsters rather than humans; as a result she has little tolerance for people. The goal she wants to reach is power for her and her summons, so she is searching the world for anicent texts that will aid her in her search. She’s not one for a direct confrontation, instead she let’s her trustworthy monsters do the killing for her. If she finds an opponent who stands in her way for power, she will attack without hesitation.

Combat style: Don't be too surprised if she appears before you in an almost unreachable area of the battle field. She let's her summons do the killing for her and teleports away if she runs out of spells.

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