Moon Shrine

Skyshard Tower: Moon Shrine
(Instance Dungeon)
Rank: A
There is a area in the north where the moon only shines in one area. This ice valley sparkles like diamonds, and has a strange shrine in the very center of the valley. The Frost Giants regard this as a sacred religious site. The objective is to get to the shrine, god speed.
-Grimoire Researcher, Rime
Reward: Moon Shard

NPC or lead
Grimoire Researchers, Lucine Rime

3 Frost Gaint surrounding shrine 10 from it. They start with no hostility, and are questioning what people are this far north. Good Diplomancy will result in no battle. Bad Diplomancy will Result in 2 more gaints spawning above the Valley and attack you.

2 Gaints on top start hurling chunks of ice at the party. The three in Valley already move into position to charge and attack the party's weakest members.

out of book monster
Frost Giant (MM, 98)

treasure and EXP


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