NeoAthens' Harvester's Guild

Summary: NeoAthens's Harvesting division, responsible for agriculture and herding for NeoAthens. Most if not all the members worship Yondalla, for successful harvests and/or Nerull, for destroying monsters that eat the crops. Some take up a levels of Necromancer and Fighter to defend themselves in the fields.

Cities, Base City: NeoAthens

Entry Requirements: Ability to cast 2nd level Necromancy spells as either a Focus Caster or Cursed Glance Necromancer Variant. Ability to use a Harvesting-inspired weapon.

Benefits: A Bag of Apples. Each Apple cures 1d8 damage, 5 per bag at every end of the month. Ray of Exhaustion Scroll or Vampiric Touch Scroll.

Combat: Harvesters go out into the fields during peak harvesting times, combat when facing monsters is usually drain the fighting abilities of the monsters and then sickle them to death.

Advancement: Must prove you can fend for yourself out in the fields, must be able to solo a Satyr.

Missions: Harvesting Hand

Responsibilities: Participate in a guild mission at least twice a year. Never use your necromancy powers for the undead.

Structure: The leader is Greg, he oversee all of his workers, he has two other assistants.

NPC Reaction: They are Harvesters, they provide NeoAthens with a constant supply of agricultural goods. Also a good starting guild for newbie necromancers.

DC 5 - Provides NeoAthens with food.
DC 10 - The Harvesters are also Necromancers.

Encounters: Greg

Other Game Elements: Non-undead Necromancy. Only rely on Necromancy for practical purposes, such as self defense. They do not deal with undead summoning for it could corrupt their products.

Notable people: Greg is the leader

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