Neo Athens Top Researchers Group

Former Group of well funded government researchers for Neo Athens. Research was done on the island Paradage in the ocean off the southern coast of the continent. After an unknown event, all but one are presumed dead. The case is still open as to the cause and nature of the event. No investigation on Paradage has been conducted yet.

Cities, Base City: Paradage

Entry Requirements:
One must have a high research degree from several years of schooling to be considered.

Free room and board as the researchers lived on the island. Nearly limitless funding to perform any research desired. Everything someone with high intellegence would want.

None, although some members did practice combat and/or spellcasting in their spare time

As a highly secure government organization, one must have a great history of research to be looked at, advancement is not possible since all researchers are on the same tier.

Although expeditions were routinely carried out by members, most important work was done inside of the complex.

As a researcher, one is expected to research during what would normally be work hours. Work hours were whatever it took to complete a project, projects were delegated by the government of Neo Athens.

Everybody was on the same tier, the government was in charge.

NPC Reaction:
Those that know of the group all have their own conspiracy theories about what was done and why those involved disappeared. There was a level of mistrust in the general population about this group.

DC 5: This was a government researcher's group
DC 10: An unknown event occured resulting in the supposed death of the researchers
DC 15: There was one known survivor of the group
DC 20: Not all of the research done here was known to the government
DC 25: There is a secret research building somewhere on the island
Survival check 20: There are a few tracks leading into the forrested area

Because of all the different types of research done here, it isn't unreasonable to not know what to expect to be lurking within the complex.

Other Game Elements:
None as of yet

Notable people:
Pruitt sole known survivor

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