Ninja Ragnarok Style

"Come too quickly and be slain by my blades, Come too slow and you'll be ensnared in my magic, Run away and die like the coward you are!" - Ichirin

Adventures: Depending on personal reasons a Ninja could be a spy, an assassin, or traveler. Each has their own path and codes they abide to.

Characteristics: A Ninja is a very flexible individual went it comes to combat. There are three predominate styles, Ninjas may master one styles or spread their talents amoung the styles to their advantage. But without a doubt a Ninja's power relies upon stealth and cunning.

Abilities: Wisdom is high priority for Ninja's because all of their Class Abilities rely on a high ki pool. Depending on the specialization of the Ninja Dex, Str, or Con is a common secondary ability score.
Alignment: Any
HD: d6

Level BAB Fort Reflex Will AC Bonus Special Ki Pool
1 +0 +0 +2 +0 +0 Ki Power, Sudden Strike +1d6 0
2 +1 +0 +3 +0 +0 Ninpou Focus (Minor Technique) 1
3 +2 +1 +3 +1 +0 Sudden Strike +2d6 3
4 +3 +1 +4 +1 +0 Soul +1, Reverse Tatami 5
5 +3 +1 +4 +1 +1 Sudden Strike +3d6, Shadow Jump (standard) 7
6 +4 +2 +5 +2 +1 Ninpou Focus (First Technique) 11
7 +5 +2 +5 +2 +1 Sudden Strike +4d6 15
8 +6 +2 +6 +2 +1 Soul +2, Cast-off Cicada 19
9 +6 +3 +6 +3 +1 Sudden Strike +5d6 23
10 +7 +3 +7 +3 +2 Ninpou Focus (Second Technique), Shadow Jump (move) 27
11 +8 +3 +7 +3 +2 Sudden Strike +6d6 35
12 +9 +4 +8 +4 +2 Soul +3 43
13 +9 +4 +8 +4 +2 Sudden Strike +7d6 51
14 +10 +4 +9 +4 +2 Ninpou Focus (Third Technique) 59
15 +11 +5 +9 +5 +3 Sudden Strike +8d6, Shadow Jump (increased jump) 67
16 +12 +5 +10 +5 +3 Soul +4 79
17 +12 +5 +10 +5 +3 Sudden Strike +9d6 91
18 +13 +6 +11 +6 +3 Illusionary Shadow 103
19 +14 +6 +11 +6 +3 Sudden Strike +10d6 115
20 +15 +6 +12 +6 +4 Soul +5, Ninpou Focus (Issen) 127

Class Skills (6+int mod): Balance, Climb, Concentrate, Craft, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Tumble.

Class Features:
Armor and Weapon Proficiency: All Simple weapons, hand crossbow, kama, kukri, nunchaku, sai, shortbow, short sword, shuriken, saingham. No armor or shield proficiencies.

AC Bonus: Ninja’s have a sixth sense to avoid any attack. Unarmored and unencumbered ninjas add their Wisdom bonus to her AC, does not stack with monk’s AC bonus. In addition a ninja gains additional AC bonuses every 5 levels. The bonus applies when a ninja is flat-footed and to touch attacks. Loses benefits when immobilized or helpless, when wearing an armor or shield, or when carrying a medium or heavy load.

Ki Power: A Ninja is adapt to channeling ki energy. At 1st level a Ninja begins with pool of ki energy which steadily grows. A ninja gains additional ki from a high Wisdom Score as a result a Ninja multiplies ½ Ninja class level and the character’s Wisdom Modifier and adds the result to the ki pool. Your ki pool recovers after a night’s rest like a wizard or sorcerer.

Sudden Strike: If a ninja can catch an opponent when they are unable to defend themselves effectively, the ninja can strike a vital spot for extra damage. Whenever a ninja’s target is denied a Dexterity bonus to AC the ninja deals a extra 1d6 points of damage with an attack. Sudden Strike damage increases ever other level. Extra damage is applied to ranged attacks within 30 feet. Does not work if the creature has concealment, discernible anatomies, immune to extra damage from critical hits. Cannot be used to deal nonlethal damage. Stacks with sneak attack if the character has the class feature.

Ninpou Focus: A ninja channels raw ki energy to unlock techniques passed down from generation to generation and perfected to create extraordinary effects. A ninja may choose only 1 technique for every unlocked Technique level.
Note you may spend as many ki as you desire for each technique so long as they are not lower or higher than the min or max amount set for each technique. All Ninpou Focus class features are considered extraordinary abilities.

Ninpou Focus Melee Throwing Magic
Minor Technique Butterfly Slash Throw Shuriken Ki Bullet
First Technique Mist Slash Throw Kunai Evoke Element
Second Technique Shadow Slash Throw Fuuma Shuriken Evoke Terrain
Third Technique Moon Slash Throw Money Evoke Beast
Issen Descriptions Below

Soul: ki energy ebbs and flows through the body but is never contained properly. A ninja is able to concentrate ki energy into a manifestation called Soul. Soul grants a insight bonus to the Ninja’s STR and WIS scores. This extraordinary ability consumes 5 HP and 1 ki on the first round and requires a standard action. To maintain Soul 1 ki must be spent at the beginning your turn, you may end Soul as a Free Action.

Reverse Tatami: Kicking up panels of ki energy you make yourself more elusive to physical ranged attacks. Spending 1 ki you summon a wall of tatami in a 5 foot radius centered around you. Any ranged attack that targets a creature within the radius has a 50% miss chance, this miss chance does not stack with Mist Slash and Cast-off Cicada. This lasts up to Wis Mod rounds.

Shadow Jump: Manipulating the shadows is second nature to ninjas, once the ninja has the theory down they may use 1 ki to move around the battlefield in this manner. This mode of travel disregards battlefield obstacles and terrain that would otherwise hinder any movement, magical or natural. The ninja must have line of sight of the area they will jump to and cannot jump into an already occupied square or go beyond his or her base land speed. At 5th level a ninja uses Shadow Jump as a Standard action. At 10th level a ninja uses Shadow Jump as a move action. At 15th level a ninja doubles the range of Shadow Jump, and as an additional effect a ninja may spend an additional 1 ki to be under the effect of Meld into Stone (PH 252) for the entire round and move ½ speed through earth (not metal). Note movement through earth requires 2 ki to maintain, if your ki pool is empty while inside earth you are expelled as Meld into Stone describes.

Cast-off Cicada: You surround your body a thin layer of ki energy. The next melee attack made against you has a 50% miss chance. If the creature misses the hit you slide 20 feet in any direction you choose that is not forward, this type of movement does not provoke AoOs. This ability consumes 3 ki and stacks with other melee miss chances. Remember: 50% miss chance + 50% miss chance = 75% miss chance.

Illusionary Shadow: You channel your ki energy into making illusionary doubles of yourself. By spending 3 ki you cast Mirror Image (PH 254). Note that you always create 8 copies of yourself.

Ninpou Focus

Melee: All techniques require a standard action to activate.
o Butterfly Slash: Inspired by a shinobi whose blade strikes so quickly that butterflies were cut in half in mid flight. By spending ki your melee attacks gain an insight bonus to attack and damage rolls that last Wis Mod rounds.

Ki Spent Attack and Damage Bonus
1 +1
2 +2
3 +3
4 +4
5 +5

o Mist Slash: Inspired by a ninja clan that used gases and vapors to elude their foes from their attacks. By spending ki you gain one round of invisibility which allows a ninja to gain Sudden Strike on a foe. As an additional effect, the round after your next melee attack opponents targeting you have a 50% miss chance on their melee attacks. Note 1 ki is always spent on the miss chance. Remember: 50% miss chance + 50% miss chance = 75% miss chance.

Ki Spent Sudden Strike Bonus
2 +1d6
3 +2d6
4 +3d6
5 +4d6
6 +5d6

o Shadow Slash: Inspired by Shadow Hand Swordsages. By spending ki your next attack gains an extra 5-foot reach. If the attack connects deal damage accordingly and have the target roll a Fort Save. If the target fails the save deal additional ability damage to a single ability score of your choosing.
Fort Save, DC = 10 + ½ Ninja level + Wis Mod + [1/3 ki spent], Ability Damage lasts ½ Ninja’s Wis Mod Rounds.

Ki Spent Ability Damage Reach
3 +1d6 +5 foot
6 +1d6 +5 foot
9 +2d6 +5 foot
12 +2d6 +10 foot

o Moon Slash: Inspired by a legendary half-ghost, half-human swordsman whose blade could slice the moon in half. By spending ki you can pierce a certain amount of any creature’s armor for Wis Mod rounds. Note the target's AC cannot go below the target's Touch AC through this technique.

Ki Spent DR Reduction Armor/Shield AC Reduction
4 -2 -1
8 -4 -2
12 -6 -3
16 -8 -4

Throwing: All techniques require a Standard Action unless noted other wise, and Provoke AoOs just as throwing weapons, if applicable.

o Throw Shuriken: The fundamentals of throwing projectiles are cultivated slowly, starting with shurikens. By spending ki, your next standard attack with a shuriken does additional damage according to the table. Requires a swift action to activate.

Ki Spent Throw Range Attack and Damage Rolls Shuriken Damage, Crit x2
1 +5' +1 1d2
2 +5' +2 1d2
3 +5' +3 1d2
4 +10' +4 1d2
5 +10' +5 1d2
6 +10' +5 1d4
7 +15' +5 2d4
8 +15' +5 3d4
9 +15' +5 4d4
10 +20' +5 5d4

o Throw Kunai: Infusing your throwing weapons with ki energy infuses them temporally with elemental properties. Spending 2 ki points you enchant your throwing weapons with any of the following Magical properties; Flaming, Shocking, Freezing, Corrosive. This enchantment lasts for Wis. Mod. Rounds and does not stack with other Magical properties of the same type. (So you cannot enchant Flaming to an already Flaming throwing weapon.) Once the element has been chosen the Ninja may not switch elements until the duration has expired. Using this technique requires only a swift action.

o Throw Fumma Shuriken: A legendary massive throwing weapon that is manifested from ki energy. By spending ki a Ninja takes a full-round action to throw this giant projectile weapon, targets caught in the blast radius may make a Reflex Save for half damage, DC = 10 + ½ Ninja Level + Wis Mod + [1/ 3 ki spent].

Ki Spent Base Damage, Crit x2 Range Burst Radius
3 1d8 20 feet 5 feet
6 1d8 30 feet 5 feet
9 2d8 40 feet 5 feet
12 2d8 50 feet 10 feet
15 3d8 60 feet 10 feet
18 3d8 70 feet 10 feet
21 4d8 80 feet 15 feet
24 4d8 90 feet 15 feet
27 5d8 100 feet 15 feet
30 5d8 110 feet 20 feet

o Throw Money: Samurais first used this technique as an improvised projectile, but Ninjas perfected the art. By spending ki and gp you make a ranged touch attack against one enemy within 30 feet of you. Note that the gp you use for this attack cannot be recovered, other damage modifiers (such as Feats, STR Mod, Sudden Strike, etc.) do not apply to this damage.

Ki Spent GP Spent Damage, Crit x2
4 100 gp 8d6
6 200 gp 9d6
8 300 gp 10d6
10 400 gp 11d6
12 500 gp 12d6
14 600 gp 13d6
16 700 gp 14d6
18 800 gp 15d6
20 900 gp 16d6
22 1000 gp 17d6

Magic: All provoke AoOs like casting a spell, all require Verbal and Somatic Components to cast and no material components.

o Ki Bullet: You tap ki energy more easily than other Ninjas as a result you can fire small amounts of ki energy. By spending ki you can fire ki bullets that get more powerful and accurate as you spend more ki.

Ki Spent Attack Roll Range Damage/ # of bullets
1 Ranged Touch Attack Close 1d4+1/ 1 missile
2 RTA Close 1d4+1/ 2 missiles
3 RTA Close 1d4+1/ 3 missiles
4 Homing Close 1d4+1/ 4 missiles
5 Homing Medium 1d6/ 5 missiles

o Evoke Element: You tap your ki energies in harmony of the four elements. By spending ki you can direct an element (Fire, Cold, Electricity, Earth) to attack a single target. The more ki spent for this technique increases the damage and the number of attacks increase. Since the number of attacks increases you may target multipule creatures no more than 30 feet apart from each other. This attack is classified as a Ray.

Ki Spent Number of Rays Damage Range
2 1 1d6 Medium
4 2 1d6
6 3 2d6
8 4 2d6
10 5 3d6

o Evoke Terrain: You tap into the environments that each element resides in and transform a plot of land with ki energy into that terrain. By spending ki you turn a plot of land into a terrain that represents one of the four elements. Each terrain lasts Wis Mod. Rounds and effects last Wis Mod. rounds outside of the terrain (if applicable).. The Terrain effects enemies and allies alike, but the Ninja is not subject to making any saves. The terrain can be summoned 20 feet from the ninja, and its effects occur on the first turn any target is within the area and reoccurs on the target's turn. The Fort/Reflex Save DC = 10 + ½ Ninja level + Wis Mod. + [1/ 3 ki (max +6)]

Ki Spent Radius Flame Forest, Ref Save Artic Tides, Fort Save Static Field, Fort Save Isolated Earth Quake, Reflex Save
3 10' 1d6 Fire damage + 1d6 burning per round 1d6 Cold damage + under the effect of the Slow spell. 1d6 Wind damage + dazed for 1 round. 1d6 Acid damage + prone.
6 20' 1d6 Fire + 1d6 burning per round 1d6 Cold damage + under the effect of the Slow spell. 1d6 Wind damage + dazed for 1 round. 1d6 Acid damage + prone.
9 30' 2d6 Fire + 1d6 burning per round 2d6 Cold damage + under the effect of the Slow spell. 2d6 Wind damage + dazed for 1 round. 2d6 Acid damage + prone.
12 40' 2d6 Fire + 1d6 burning per round 2d6 Cold damage + under the effect of the Slow spell. 2d6 Wind damage + dazed for 1 round. 2d6 Acid damage + prone.
15 50' 3d6 Fire + 1d6 burning per round 3d6 Cold damage + under the effect of the Slow spell. 3d6 Wind damage + dazed for 1 round. 3d6 Acid damage + prone.
18 60' 3d6 Fire + 1d6 burning per round 3d6 Cold damage + under the effect of the Slow spell. 3d6 Wind damage + dazed for 1 round. 3d6 Acid damage + prone.

o Evoke Beast: The abundance of your ki energy is so great that you conjurer the guardians of each element to assist you. By spending 4 ki you temporally call into existence an elemental being, lasts Wis Mod round +1 round for every 4 ki you spend (max +6 rounds). You may summon a Large Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Elemental that listens to all your commands, cannot be taken over by mind affecting spells and the like. Note you can only issue it commands if you speak the elemental's language. The Elemental always starts in a square adjacent to you if there is room.

Ki Spent Duration STR, CON, DR/- bonus
4 Wis Mod + 1 rounds +2
8 Wis Mod + 2 rounds +4
12 Wis Mod + 3 rounds +6
16 Wis Mod + 4 rounds +8
20 Wis Mod + 5 rounds +10
24 Wis Mod + 6 rounds +12

Issen: Your complete mastery and purification of your internal ki is a dangerous force. Using both your ki and life force you make time stand still for a moment within a set range and strike any target you desire up to your Wis Mod within that range. Issen takes a full round action to use and requires that Soul is active when you use Issen. This melee attack renders all your targets Flat-footed for the round, adding your Sudden Strike damage to Issen.

Ki Spent HP Spent Range Damage
10 12 30 feet 1d12
20 24 30 feet 2d12
30 36 40 feet 3d12
40 48 40 feet 4d12
50 60 50 feet 5d12
60 72 50 feet 6d12
70 84 60 feet 7d12
80 96 60 feet 8d12
90 108 70 feet 9d12
100 120 70 feet 10d12
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