A grey elf hermit under willing exile from elven academia currently living in elven lands. It seems only clan ux-caex readily knows the location of her home. She is considered the worlds foremost expert on aberrations and their taxonomy and a master enchanter. She has been rumored to begin dabbling in powerfull fear effects to deal with the alien minds of the creatures she adores. Under her control is a darktentacles (Obtenebrati Tendriculos var. Rana) dubbed Freddy that serves as a faithful companion and keeper of the grounds near Noelle's home.

Full Name: Noelle Bachman Turner

Class and Level: Still being crunched for optimal pwnage.

Race:Grey elf

Alignment: Chaotic Passionate. Certainly believes in good for the sake of good but harbors feeling towards a number of her peers nearing murderous.

Deity: None. it's hard to believe in an intelligent creator when you've seen the things she has.

Size: Medium

Age: Wouldn't you like to know…

Gender: Female

Height: 5" 4'

Weight: leaning more to the pudgy side than she'd like…

General Appearance: Long black hair reaches mid back and is usually worn loose except in the field or during formal events. Wears circular silver rimmed glasses a bit low on her nose. Pale complexion with hints of copper blue in bright light. Always wears an elven bodysuit (Moonivy armor, slightly transparent matte black) and heavy, high ankle boots (glamored if necessary for formal occasions)

Personal Goal/Motive: Currently wants to live a peaceful life with Freddy left alone to her research but given the opportunity to exact justice against her tormentors…

Back Story: Born of mixed bloodline (1/4 troll) Noelle was born with a number of genetic defects.The most notable being cataracts that prevented her in following in the footsteps of her family as rangers. This top of this social stigma of her ancestry lead to her being bullied and abused by elves of more noble breed and employ. she found solstice in books, particularly those focused on arcana and myths. She barely managed entry into the Ivy Trellis the foremost school on botany and natural studies in elven lands being much more active in research than the apprentice based Viera system. Her technical exams were exceptional as expected of a potential student but her archery scores were so low as to require a special exemption (attending as a "guest" arcanist) to be considered. She has yet to touch a bow since then or even use rays with any frequency instead favoring area effects and mental targets. Enchantment was a natural draw to her given it's simple targeting and effectiveness of it's spells for research. After she graduated she came to realize the school hall jeers simply became the tea time gossip of adults and chose to forsake elven society and it's comforts for the woods and it's solitude. During the first few years of her research she encountered a dark tentacles in a swamp near her future dwelling and was immediately struck by it's intelligence, quickly followed by a number of it's many arms. Although subdued by rapier and a fortuitous charm spell her treatment of it over the course of a month tending to it's wounds despite it being under mental coercion formed the powerful and non-magical bond they share today. however as she travels farther and encounters more and more powerful aberrations she's come to realize that the subtle twists of charms and the mortal need of sleep only works on the most terrestrial of beasts. And so she began to turn to the most primal of emotions used to control: Fear.

Combat style: On her own she's most likely to turn tail and run dumping anything to slow her perusers down being one of the squishiest types of squishy wizard. Diplomacy and some charm before hand is preferred to avoid a fight but when push comes to shove she keeps a few massively damaging spells to deal with resistant foes. In a group Noelle is likely to be the decider in who gets attacked, ending fights with very hard to resist sleep spells targeted including overzealous allies if needed. When off on research she'll either bring Freddy along to capture specimens until they can be magically subdued or provide a more threatening diversion equipped with enough weapons to make many a elven blade master green with envy while she disables foes too powerful to be defeated head on.

100 questions pending a good nights sleep.

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