Full Name: Odell

Class and Level: Monk, 8









General Appearance: Grey Grainy Skin, resembling age worn stone. Under buzz cut, seems to be chiseled out. Has some gems and dark woods set into ears. Small hood is attached to a backpack which has pauldrens, covers a small part of a large craved tattoo of Sarenrae symbol, the 'head' of which is a bright orange gem setting. Wrappings around her midsection bellow the tattoo and on her arms underneath dark brown leather bracers, hiding a slaves mark. Wears a light yellow beaded belt with a lager stone that seems to have a tiger inside. Baggy off white pants fastened above the knee, some wrapping is on the knees. Small slipper like shoes on her feet ( Think Arabic Slipper things). All is in dark blue and dark browns, with small bronze accents, and small beads of orange and light yellow glass.

Personal Goal/Motive: Undisclosed.

Back Story: Isn't too open, about it. Was a slave for 6 months before encountering party. She's from the mountains, as to which, or where, she doesn't even know. Speaks fondly of her home, and sent her 'slave' there.

Combat style: Fights with dulled silver brass knuckles.

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