Paradage is a large heavily forrested island off of the southern coast of Neo Athens with little outside interaction. The trees are tall and ancient with a canopy that blocks out most light. It is unknown if any civilized society resides here but all signs point to that being an impossibility.

The species that reside here are mainly what you'd expect to find on an island. Exotic birds, small mammals, and the occasional small to medium predator. The weather is hot enough and the prey numerous enough to support large or even larger creatures, but these would likely lurk deeper in the forrested areas than has been explored and none have been cited.

The only sign of outside interaction is the medium sized research complex that once held NeoAthens' Top Researchers' Group. This complex is roughly the size of a very small town and is believed to be inactive following an unknown event that left all but one presumably dead. This complex is located just off of the beach of Paradage where large or larger predators are unlikely to be.

Notable People:

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